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  1. @hatta love what you have done with the game. Can't wait to be waiting out the front of eb games till it opens so that i can run in and get the game straight away 
  2. @hatta when are we expecting to see the next onboard video??
  3. Has the engineer been updated to be more helpful and not annoying during the race?
  4. You guys need to stop worrying about it. Just wait and buy it and check it out for yourself. I'm only 14 and i have read this blog once. The game sounds really good cant wait to buy it and check it out for myself
  5. Actual drivers name on their racing suit and car. E.G I have replaced Dan Ricciardo but it still says his name on my suit and car as if I am Dan Ricciardo
  6. - Voice control for engineer using headset microphone or kinect sensor- Mid season testing- Maybe as you start career after ydt you join that team as a test driver. You then do the in-season tests that they do and if you are good enough they will ask you to drive full time and career mode continues from then
  7. On my previous comment i would also like to add that the tyres should have tyre warmers on them and when you change tyres while sitting in the garage you can actually see the engineers changing the tyres. Also when you make a setup change your time gets used up e.g. MotoGP 13
  8. A few things that i would like to see in career modeAll 3 practice sessions manual pit controlthe ability to pit during quali to change tyres and fuel without having to be wheeled back into the pitsThe ability to leave early before quali sessions starts like they do in real lifecustomizable helmetown driver numberFull control under safety car (not having the throttle full and only going 100kph)Classic car career modeBetter and more intelligent languageMore helpful race engineer e.g Grid AutosportFormation lapParade LapTechnical and Mechanical issues requiring you to retire ( also ai cars)Bette
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