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  1. this is so true ☝️ If you are not a developer and you just don't know how software development works, then don't comment bs. Don't think being a developer is like being a modder. Modders create whatever they want. Developers are told what to make. I am sure some devs at CM would do certain things in a different way, but they are told what to fix, what to implement, etc.
  2. marosimark

    Game crashes right after launch

    UPDATE: My last hope was running an 'integrity of games files verification' in steam game properties, and it found 2 files that were faulty, so it downloaded them again, and my game started working again. I'll be playing with Dx12 to discover further issues.
  3. Since yesterday I launched the game in Dx12 instead of Dx11, just to see the difference, and I discovered I have better FPS values. Today I booted up my PC and tried launching the game in Dx12 and it just closed right after the "Communicating with online services" message. I switched back to Dx11 and the same happens. I restarted my PC, did a complete shutdown, tried running Dx11, tried Dx12, the game crashes after the loading screens. Before yesterday I was playing Dx11 and I had no problems at all. When crashing, I get the EGO Dumper usually, but sometimes I don't. Its so strange that from one day to the next my game broke. I hope you can help me out. Thanks in advance! SPECS: Windows 10 x64 V10.0.17134 Build 17134 Gigabyte Z370M DS3H Intec Core i5 8400 2.80GHz 16GB RAM F1 2019 v1.20 I am willing to share any reports, diagnostic files, just let me know how can I access them and where should I share them to you.
  4. marosimark

    F1 2020 Beta

    Actually F1 cars' ERS is pre-programmed for each track, so the driver won't have to adjust it as much as we have to in the F1 game.
  5. marosimark

    Please add more info on the steering wheel screen [R2]

    I think these are great videos for getting a view of how it should look like.