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  1. Has GCK Megane been ever mentioned as being in the game? https://twitter.com/GCKRX/status/1072862653117227008?s=09 https://twitter.com/GCKRX/status/1072883286496763905?s=09
  2. Simply freaking amazing! The locations picked are superb (Oz, NZ and Pooooooland!) with intriguing mention of deformable terrain. Cannot wait to hear more :D Post-launch content release plan with *first 2* seasons hints that DiRT Rally 2.0 may be run like a game service, with decent longevity. Great approach and something I wrote about in the past. I even think that on my wish-list there were the following dream features/content: - operate as a service - road deformation and evolution - stages in Poland Thanks you Codies. I'm very excited :D So will the infamous R
  3. Holy shit. 2.0 Count me in.  P.S. DiRTy Gossip 4eva :) 
  4. I've been quietly lurking and reading this MIGHTY thread :D I'm so excited and have been loving the info, screens and vids released to date. What an amazing job by the team!  I hope the guys will persevere through the push to release, with the aid of kebab pizza and popcorn, and will be hugely proud of the game in June. I've found a Steelbook Edition on TESCO for a pretty good price considering normal versions tend to cost the same. https://www.tesco.com/direct/dirt-4-steelbook-edition-ps4/665-8774.prd?skuId=665-8774 What is this Mystery location.....? Codies car park? Barcelona or
  5. Mr @KickUp showing what 'Be Fearless' slogan really means! :) Spirit of '4' tweet lives on?  Thanks for an honest and transparent explanation. I would have agreed that segragating the playerbase from the very start would have been less than ideal, but since I'm a bit of a fanboy and I'm convinced I will love DiRT 4 I was going to pre-order anyway :)
  6. Whoa! :D :D :D DiRT 4 looks veeeery tasty! I'm buying a PS4 this week so come June I'm hoping to find time for some casual DiRTiness when it comes out :D  Have we seen any footage from Spain yet?
  7. Okay... So I've had a life changing moment this week... Shish, doner and chicken kebab calzone...................... :D :D Aweeeeesome! and the meat was packed in so tight the pizza shell had a hard time containing it! On a subject much less related to all things DiRTy and Gossipy - Congratulations to DiRT Rally team on winning TIGA award for best racing game! :D :D :D
  8. Hello DiRTy Gossipers!  It's been a really long time. . .  I've not been Gossiping much over the past few months , but I've been lurking . Some amazing life stuff has happened and I'm afraid any sleep time wins over DiRTy time . . .  It appears that the DiRTy torturers are at it again and spilling juicy info left right and centre :)  My ridiculous guess is that DiRT Rally 2.0 (going by the tweet with CMR 2.0 box) will be either unveiled or released in 90 days from the 90mph tweet . . .  Mic drop .  I'm most likely wrong but when has that stopped anyone in t
  9. Guilty as charged! :smile: Hello guys! Long time no see.... Life is quite different these days with a 6 week old baby - despite the awesomeness of DiRT Rally I'm still going with sleep whenever there's a chance. I'm missing a bit of Gossip in my life so I'll try and make it back over here to come up with ridiculous theories :smile: I've had a go at this other Codies game - will have to play a bit more in one of my 30 minutes / month slots and write up my impressions. Congrats to @Rallycameraman and @KickUp on completing their first rally - Is there a write-up or a video? I'll be very kee
  10. Great news about Evo Studios merging with Codies! Or was it more of a bail-out? I guess the timing is perfect as Codies seem to be bouncing back with DiRT Rally, hopefully a much more feature full and solid F1 2016 and some unfortunate restructuring. Evo Studios probably couldn't put a big price on their operation as they were in a tough situation. Hopefully, all of this will managed well to make use of a group of very talented developers with passion for racing and motorsport. It would have been awesome if best bits of Codies games and tech were combined with the undeniably pretty visuals of
  11. I've probably already moaned that after calling all Sainbury's super-stores in Edinburgh I still don't know which ones will have the steel-book edition. Maybe in hindsight Codies should have had more retailers stock that edition... If it's true that PC steelbooks can't be bought anywhere in UK then I'll definitely drive over to the biggest Sainsury's and try to get the PS4 one. The CREST telemetry looks awesome, but if I understand it correctly it can only be used on Dailies?
  12. DiRT Rally launch day! :D :D Congratulations to the team on getting to this point! :) You can hear and read in interviews that this was far from an easy journey and I'm really happy I played a tiny part in it :) I'm planning on going this evening to Sainsbury's to hopefully buy one of the steelbook edition copies. However, it will have to be for PS4 as they're not selling PC... I guess I'll have to follow with a purchase of a console :tongue: By the way - if anyone sees a PC steelbook edition please buy it for me and I'll send the money back with 10% profit :D Anyone? I've not had much tim
  13. In the absence of a Reviews thread, here's a review: http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2016-03-30-dirt-rally-review Usually I enjoy reading the Eurogamer reviews, but this one is rather poorly written and doesn't really mentioned the main strenghts and weaknessess of the game.. I do like it that they've given in a 'Recommended' grade, but the review itself could have been much better. Martin Robertson's review of DiRT Rally on PC is much better: http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2015-12-14-dirt-rally-review
  14. @tbtstt Finally :)  It's a bit of a shame we won't now be able to remind you of what you've been missing out on :) I wish I had a PS4 to show you how it's done around Lydden Hill or Holjes :tongue: :tongue: I'm really keen to the PC steelbook edition so I went to Sainsburys to pre-order it, but in two stores they didn't have it available for pre-order at all, any edition... Anyone had luck with getting it ordered?
  15. Cheers @KickUp and @Hatward for answering my question, and even bigger thank you for giving an answer I wanted to hear :tongue: :D Something tells me the console DiRT Rally will do well and the ingredients for this stage deg tech (great team, magician programmers, money and time) will be available :) I only had time to watch half of the show so far, but the duette of @KickUp and @Hatward is on the way to stardom :tongue: Great job guys and hopefully we'll see more of DiRT Show in April.
  16. Reading the Eurogamer article was interesting to say the least... I had hopes for new rally stages or locations, but at the back of my mind I knew that their development would have had to have started a while back. On one hand it's good to have it bluntly stated that no DLC is coming... A bit of a shame, because the wait for DiRT Rally was long and the thought of waiting longer for more of the DR awesomeness is a bit sad. I have to admit I'm a bit worried about the suggestions in the article that Codemasters are now moving on to DiRT 4.... Would they really abandon the vision of DiRT Rally
  17. I'd be surprised if there would be a new rally location added when the game comes out on console and when the PC version gets updated.  My rating of probability: 5% Perhaps a new stage at one of the existing locations? A bit more probable, but would there be enough time to produce in time for submission to MS and Sony? My rating of probability: 20% You're welcome :P :D It seems that with the consoles the team couldn't go bonkers as they did with the Steam Early Access announcement. Here's DiRT Rally. It's out now
  18. https://www.instagram.com/p/BA9WwFjHwxm/ New slogan I see More characters. Is it enough now? 
  19. Ken Block is unmatched when it comes to finding new and quite innovative ways to fund his hobby, while developing and growing other business. I'm very impressed with how he's working with Ford on various projects and can see how Codemasters wanted to partner up with him commercially for the earlier DiRT games. Some of 'Monster' and 'Hoonigan' narrative may not be exactly to my liking, but it must sell well with general public, Americans and his sponsors. I definitely like the way in which World RX developed with Monster backing and Ken going over there for a full campaign is a no brainer. J
  20. DiRT Rally and Assetto Corsa may not be pure competition, but they are both racing games with a focus on simulation, they've both come out of Steam Early Access and both gained support and funding to bring the game to consoles. So Assetto Corsa's launch date towards the end of April may to some extent compete for sales with DiRT Rally. I do wonder what the sales expectations are for DiRT Rally on PS4 and XB1... From what we have heard the management is very pleased with sales on Steam and I think in one of Absolute Rally podcasts Paul said that liftime expected sales were already beaten...!
  21. 300 000 views of the DiRTy Gossip Thread... All we needed to go into a frenzy again was @KickUp tweeting that he had a good Tuesday... :)
  22. Fully agree: you just know he is going to end up in a bush, but right up until that point he is usually fantastic to watch.  I guess there is only so long you can fund a driver like that though... Must. Not. Behave. Like. A. Fanboy. I'll stay out of this one... Or not. 2015 season for Kubica was 50% mistakes / 50% issues due to organisation of the team/lack of budget. He was left with no choice, but to create a team from scratch in very little time and that didn't work. For Monte Carlo he has teamed up with BRC so hopefully he can focus mostly on driving, not running a team..
  23. Toyota are nowhere near the level of preparation VW was aiming for and achievement during the season before joing the competition. Toyota team based in Finland are still assembling technical staff, while VW was probably at the same flat out finishing off the VW Polo R V1, which would then later hit test stages for ****loads of kms ahead of the season. Mr Makinnen mentioned they want to start testing in spring, but VW had established drivers, a test mule in Fabia, a test car soon after, unlimited testing and a full team in place. Either Toyota Gazoo steps on it right now or they risk embaras
  24. I've been championing evolving stage conditions for a while now. And I know for a fact @KickUp would really like to have such a system/technology in place to do it justice...  But I also know that it's very difficult to get right and requires more time than we have until the release on the consoles. Here are my posts about evolving stages: http://forums.codemasters.com/discussion/comment/104642#Comment_104642 http://forums.codemasters.com/discussion/comment/1697#Comment_1697 My one wish... Dynamic stage conditions - roads would change over time depending on number of cars that p
  25. Yes please. I'm sick and tired of the Fiesta, bring on the proper rally Ford :D  I must confess I much prefer the look of the Fiesta over the Focus. Ford will be keen to market the Focus RS though, so I using the Focus would make sense from a PR point. That would mean M-Sport would have to develop a brand new car for RX... I would not have anything against and I actially quite like the look of the Focus RS. In RX spec it definitely would not need a 'DRIFT' button :) Now that we've mentioned I wonder if Codies and World RX are planning to top up DiRT Rally with some RX content for
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