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  1. Ha maybe @KickUp got early info about Ken Block's full 2016 campaign in World RX? :tongue: :tongue: http://www.fiaworldrallycross.com/article/9071/block-confirms-full-world-rx I suspect and hope that Codies will keep on working with World RX to expant its content in DiRT Rally so we may see Ken's livery officially in the game at some point in the future... :) I personally don't mind and I'm intrigued to see how he fares against really fast drivers in World RX. I'm sure @tbtstt will know more, but M-Sport prepared RX Fiesta with Ford Performance support won't be a slow machine... Back to t
  2. I completely understand what you mean. What if it was more than just a tutorial, but it also came with a practice/fooling around area? For example a large tarmac area, near a de-comissioned power station, in London because it's a famous location. You could do drifts, slides and donuts... Oh, wait.... :tongue: Joking aside if it's a Rally School I'd welcome a practice area to try out cars and tweak setups quickly. Another feature, which I think would fit the bill is..... I just don't know... Custom music playlist?  Nah, not important at all. Stage generator/editor/builder - do
  3. Been following the conversation on Twitter and this does make things interesting: as said above most of the cars we want have been a part of DiRT at some point, so what on earth could it be? One of McRae's earlier WRC cars perhaps? The Legacy or the S4/S5 Impreza WRC? Or a bigger feature, like the rally school? See, @KickUp is a pretty cool customer so I don't think he'd call Tuesday a cool today unless it was something new and big, and previously declined... Would @KickUp get that excited about a car in the game? Possibly, but what other really legendary cars are out there, which are
  4. I'm struggling for reasonable guesses here... I doubt it will be a car or a location - these would take too long to create in time for April release on consoles. I also doubt it would be a big new feature - also because of time limitations. Three and a bit months to release wouldn't be enough to introduce for example a new replay system or evolving stage conditions. If @KickUp is getting approval now then it would be a mid-sized feature in my opinion. My guess is a Rally School with voice over/videos from someone cool, based on the guide that @KickUp was preparing.
  5. Create a very different game, call it DiRT Rally, receive great user and critics reviews. Announce it for consoles. Change the name to DiRT 4, which for some would carry a negative connotation. No chance. DiRT Rally made a name for itself - that's what will come out on consoles :)
  6. Yep The mention of some really exciting stuff coming through @KickUp 's inbox (during the DiRT Show) made me really tingly and I have no idea what it could be! :D  It could be so many things... But I'd guess it would be some sort of an external partnership, not an internal go ahead to build a new feature into the game. In the best news of 2016 so far I'm pleased to announce that I've managed to fix my Logitech Profiler issues and am back on DiRT Rally. Aaaaand I really suck at it....
  7. True...  It was great to hear @KickUp talking about the support from 'upstairs' and how the vision he and the DiRT team ( @justbiglee was also there fighting so hard for it) proven itself in gamer's and critic's praise. And in good sales. I had the pleasure to meet the guys and hear more about it how DiRT Rally came together, and trust me fellow DiRTy Gossipers it wasn't easy.... I'm so happy that the DiRT team is finishing 2015 on such a high, after putting out the best Early Access programme I've ever seen ( it all started in @justbiglee 's orange DiRT book) they have the commitment
  8. With such a positive reaction to DiRT Rally and about 200 000 sales on Steam Codies are making a really good move by bringing it to consoles. If I read it correctly the recent co-publishing deal means that an investment will made into porting the PC DiRT Rally to PS4 XBOne. I suspect that investment will mean some new features, locations and cars. Codies have laid out their plans for Early Access and stuck to them. Now, the DiRT team, with company's backing and funds can make it even better. That's what I think this Legend edition will be. I think that the current owners of DiRT Rally on S
  9. The air time in Sweden isn't something you need to worry about. More like keeping the car inside the snow banks. It's tight and technical. Best stages in the game imo :) Word... The width of the road between banks and car's responsiveness makes it very tricky... So... it seems that DiRT Rally is on the way to consoles! That's great news! :) But I doubt it will come out in 2015...
  10. If there was a one car Codies would spend a good amount of licencing money then it would be the VW Polo WRC. The dominator, awesome and would even tempt players who were unsure of a purchase. I won't be surprised if it gets added. There was a tweet by Jon Tucker from over a year ago where he posted a photo of the VW Polo WRC R with text: 'Braking news.'  It can really happen :) And just as @BrySkye pointed out the other WRC cars in DiRT Rally do not have 'WRC' in their names. It's all down to whether the manufacturer had an exclusive deal with someone else. It's possible that VW don't
  11. http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2015-11-25-codemasters-re-focuses-on-racing-games-as-it-closes-battle-decks-studio 'The success of DiRT Rally's Early Access programme has been incredible'. I think Codies know they need to bring DiRT Rally to consoles pronto!
  12. I can see the reasoning  behind Citroen's decision to miss out on 2016 and come back strong in 2017 when the beasty new cars will come in. However, that leaves up to 9 factory seats in the 2016 championships, out of which 5-6 are very firm. I do think there's more talented drivers deserving a WRC drive than 9... And that will leave without much to do in 2016... The sad state of WRC is that even for privateers it's challenging to attract sponsors willing to fork out for a full campaign, as they just don't see the return in terms of promotion. Are VW going about WRC in a good way? A
  13. Maybe it's because you're studying agriculture! :D  Of all the games one can kill time in your case playing Farming Sim is pretty close to coursework :P
  14. I understand that in recent years privateers such as Prokop, Bertelli, Al-Qassimi or Protasov were welcome line-up fillers and sometimes brought points home. This is espcially true for Prokop. But out of all those private teams only Kubica had the pace on both surfaces to mix it up and really get among the factory teams. I really can't understand why there isn't a company willing to sponsor Kubica's seat at a factory team for all the worldwide attention it would bring. It's beyond me, but I can see why a primarily Polish market based Lotos won't do it. I'm biased again, but Toyota should hav
  15. Seems like they could be moving headquaters but not sure if that article is legit? WAT?   Where does it say anything about moving headquarters? :O Not sure why Codies have changed the publisher, but I'm hoping it means that Koch Media will co-fund development of the next games. I think it's well known that recent years haven't been the most successful for Codies, so any cash injection would be welcome. If I had a publishing business I'd definitely get in early with DiRT Rally-like game on consoles as it's likely to do quite well.
  16. Well, I'm a bit worried about the WRC for next year. It's a bit like Merc in F1 - there's no team and no driver that will challenge VW for the titles. Unless, the 2016 Hyundai turns out to be decent... I also wish that Robert Kubica will stay in WRC category. I am a bit of a fanboy, but nevertheless think that he's got the potential to be a WRC star and near the top if given a chance. So here's my predicted line-up: VW: Same as 2015 Citroen: Meeke and Lefebvre/Ostberg Hyundai: Paddon and Sordo, Abbring in the third car M-Sport: Tanak, Neuville and Bertelli (there's a rumour Bertelli will br
  17. Haha and in a typical fashion DiRT Rally update rolls out a day before I'm off on holiday :D :D Can't wait to hear the feedback on the update and then move onto Gossip on what cars will be rolled out as part of the Winter Wonderland :) I've just noticed that DiRTy Gossip thread now has over 200 K views! :O That's quite a few... I like it that it's become such an active place on the forum, but at times maybe it would be better if chat about steering wheels or other less Gossipy subject was done somewhere else. Either way it's November already - perhaps the month of DiRT Rally full rel
  18. WRC 1-4 and many of the recent titles (AC Unity, Batman Arkham Knight on PC, THPS5) taught me never to buy on release date and for the full price. Except for DiRT Rally! :D I do hope SLRE turns out decently and keeps a developer in business, but I won't commit to a purchase until lots of people I'd trust try it out :) However, if you're a console only player I guess you'd have a reason to be desperate for anything rally to play!
  19. Looooooong long time ago, in the early days of the Gossip thread I posted a link to Jon Tucker's tweet. It showed the VW Polo WRC and said 'Braking news...'. It was a long while ago, things may have changed, but I'm still hoping the VW Polo will be a part of the Modern Masters pack :)
  20. Unless it's one more of these cheeky mistakes with the website... but that's unlikely :) Whoever is keen to get it ASAP (isn't that everyone?) should have their Steam open at 2pm (that's when historically updates would go live)
  21. Thanks, yeah got to spend the day with the family. Now it's business time ;) DiRTy kind business or the Flight of the Conchords business time? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AqZcYPEszN8 Either way... should be a good day for DiRT :) Unforuntaly, I'll be away for a week and half so won't get to join on the hype. Oh, wait - I've played it! :D  :tongue:
  22. Hey! Stop snooping!! Snoopers!! We prefer the term 'Gossipers' :) DiRTy methods, but snooping is something reserved for facebook... No announcement of DiRT Show today so I guess the update is not rolling out today...
  23. This one: http://www.spreaker.com/user/jakesanson/the-racing-games-paul-coleman-from-codem It starts around the half way point 
  24. Yup, I've just listened to the interview. :)   I think it's worth a listen for everyone, especially for folk hoping for a console release... The game has been successful and the company is pleased, so it would be foolish not to get it onto a console. Paul also mentioned that the target would be to have the game run at 60fps.
  25. I really think I had enough air time to make a cup of tea.... Mental.
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