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  1. Hello, I've been following tweets, hints, interviews and posts appearing from Codemasters on the next rally game. I wanted to put the information in one place so that we can all try reading too much into it all 🙂 If you spot a hint or an article please post in this thread - cheers! (Arranged in a slightly random order...) Codies Weekly Update blog entry 11-04.2014 http://blog.codemasters.com/2014/04/codies-weekly-update-11-04-14/ It’s like the calm before the storm this week, developers are getting builds ready, the PR guys are preparing PR stuf
  2. Any chance you've got that interview link somewhere handy to post it here? I'll spend some time over the weekend sifting through DiRT game Twitter account to squeeze the hints out.The best bits (video and photo from Art Director) are no longer in the Twitter universe so can't post those here... What about this as a hint? http://blog.codemasters.com/2014/04/codies-weekly-update-11-04-14/It’s like the calm before the storm this week, developers are getting builds ready, the PR guys are preparing PR stuff and the Community Team are busy teasing something…  I'm guessing @justbiglee has
  3. I've just remembered some of what @KickUp mentioned months ago in an interview with a website. (does anybody have a link to that interview?) Paul spoke about the need for the game to teach the player about the sport, car behaviour and dynamics, driving technique and surfaces. Many players do like the plug in and play aspects of recent games and the next game should also allow for it. However, a lot more satisfaction can be gained if the game presents a challenge aided by gaining knowledge about world of rally and rallycross. I'm not sure how this can be implemented, but my wish is to see quite
  4. It seems that we don't have a thread for posting DiRTy vids yet so I'll leave this here: http://youtu.be/dnhHFo0URnY Beasty...Hopefully, Group B Rallycross monsters will make into the next game
  5. How many buttons do you guys have on your game controllers and steering wheels? :O :P Having to operate so many things would be like Kubica at Janner Rally when he had no clue where buttons for lights were in the Fiesta :)
  6. And you're filming them for your own promotional purposes... It doesn't take much bravery to conclude that BTCC will be in the next game :)
  7. I'm all in favour of touring cars heavily featuring in the next game! As long as reproduced with authenticity in mind (not ultimate simulation!) they're bound to provide close and fun racing. Hints are very strong that touring cars are back and will be centre of attention. I'm sure this was posted before, but if one's looking for a hint this one is strong: https://twitter.com/AlexTench/status/446010316544294912 Andrew Jordan getting stuff from Codies? :) https://twitter.com/AndrewJordan77/status/451264024974721025
  8. I had high hopes for Grid 2 as the build up to the release mentioned a high frequency physics and handling model, Finite Element like car damage model, real life tracks and locations and overall a game with a bit of authenticity. I have to say I was disappointed with how the released game turned out.  #1 flaw was the handling model and I've seen it mentioned here a number of times. Taking a hairpin in an uncontrolled drift should never be quicker than taking a clean racing line... Sometimes it even looked as if the car was given a boost when taking corners in this strange way :( On top of
  9. Again I'm in agreement with @tbtstt :) Judging by the write-up from @justbiglee following DiRTy trip to Rally Wales GB the devs got to appreciate how the sounds reverberate in forests, open fields and how the engine note changes as the car approaches a spectator. For me it's very important that the engine note gives the player clues to whether it's struggling in an uphill section or in case of turbo cars that it's about to go into a bit of turbo lag.  I think Dirt 3 was a good step forward as it added sounds of rocks hitting wheel arches and some mechanical noises.Hopefully audio design w
  10. Hello, Over the years I've uploaded Dirt 2 and 3 to my Youtube account. They're all rather mediocre... DiRT playlisthttp://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL6A2CA47B2440E525 There are videos from Dirt 3 Battersea event, some quick YT uploads and recordings from some league racing.Maybe in the future when the next game is out it will be much easier to upload good quality footage to YT or other sites. Once @justbiglee sets up the DRC I'll try to record some footage off-screen
  11. Thanks for posting Paul. Based on the hints, early interviews and your posts I'm sure the next rally game will more than satisfy DiRT and rally fans. Fan wishlists can be very long and ask for features, which would be expensive and too time consuming with limited resources. As long as the core of the game:- car handling and physics- realistic stages (width, surfaces, locations) and their variety- variety of authentic cars- big focus on rally and rallycross content are great the game will be fantastic and will make lots of people happy. Good times ahead :)
  12. Oh mama... Nice hardware :O I'd be up for this series. I've got Dirt 2 and Dirt 3 for PS3
  13. @gfRally The stage evolution would be my dream feature! Stage surface would evolve depending on the weather ahead of the rally, number of cars ahead (R2 Fiestas may have very different conditions to WRCs) and current weather conditions. I would also love if some unexpected elements were included like rocks, ruts, mud dragged onto tarmac. In addition development of a cleaner, more grippy line on gravel would hugely add to authenticity and to how modern rally is influenced by road conditions. However, without a doubt such technology would require a lot of development work and balancing.  I
  14. I agree with @SynGamer - new generation of consoles is a good chance to innovate. While re-booting of previous titles may not seem very innovative it will be all about showing a big leap in technology (handling, visuals, multiplayer systems, VFX) and in focus of the game. While Dirt 1 -> 2 -> 3 and Grid 1 -> 2 slowly progressed  away from clear focus of CMR and TOCA the games were striking a good balance for an all-round player (Grid 2 went too far IMO...). With new gen games it's a good chance to back further in time and return with a big bang! During the last console generation
  15. If it was scheduled for release in May 2014 it would have been announced by now... If it's to be released later this year Codies will want to avoid releasing when F1 2014 comes out... So if there's a chance of 2014 release in my view it would happen maybe July/August, but the game would need to be announced pretty soon (3-4 months ahead of release?) I'm sure the DiRT team are working on something, but whether it's ready for 2014 depends on how soon they've moved Grid development team to the rally game project. I'm very hungry for a new game now! With WRC being decent again and RX growing very
  16. Sound is very important. This guy is goood! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OKusSKUGfAM
  17. I definately agree with this. A playground where all the cars can be used would be brilliant; a nice big open space (and perhaps some tighter spaces) to play with cars and tweak car settings. As for my wishes for the new game, a focus on rally and rallycross is my main hope. I would like to see European style rallycross properly represented, with real tracks and the correct race format. Rallycross race weekends implemented like the F1 games (i.e. where you do qualifying, heats and finals) would be my dream scenario, but I'll be happy with real tracks! As for the rallying
  18. It would've been very useful if someone found time to gather the hints that supposedly Dirt team have been leaving on Twitter for the past couple of months. I remember a few, but don't have links to tweets just now: - DiRT team went to Hell in Norway for a scoping trip (track photos and RX handling research?)- They've had a number of pro rally and RX drivers in to try the game in development: Liam Doran, David Binks, Tom Cave and more (can't remember just now)- BBC radio was at Codies HQ to do live radio, but DiRTi devs were pretty well trained and didn't hint too much- I think this tweet:http
  19. @JonTucker Someone's in need of a Codemasters Employee badge? ;] Same as SynGamer - when viewing the forum on Chrome on Android the top grey bar is a bit jumpy and I'm unable to type posts because they keyboard keeps on disappearing. I'd also find useful a button/page, which would gather new posts since last visit and put them in chronological order.For example I could go to the DiRT games section, click to show new and be up to date quickly.
  20. The forum looks rather sweet! It's been quite a while since the old one came down, but now we've got a place to talk dirt :)
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