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  1. Okayyyyyyy.... I think we're going a bit too far with this joke now guys :tongue: :tongue:  :D
  2. Glad to see @KickUp and @Hatward back from their epic road trip to Barca - we're quietly hoping for a blog post dedicated to what you've learned from the divers, how you'll use the research pics and any crazy stories (eating bull testies can be considered a crazy story...) The fuel mishap will probably be re-called at some point in the future - it was your fault for posting about it on Twitter :D Oh, and which Monster Girl was best at DiRT Rally? As I said on Twitter I'm a fan of such outfits, I wear one myself when playing DR...
  3. A future project.... Hmmm... Personally I'm really happy to see track research pics being taken at Barca. It makes perfect sense to use the assets from the F1 game and add the RX bits and voila! We've got ourselves a new RX track. Same could be said for Istanbul and Hockenheim. The question now is whether this future project is: a) DLC / expansion of DiRT Rally for PC on Steam b) A DiRT Rally-like game for current gen consoles and PC c) A stand-alone RX game for consoles and PC
  4. Because the organisers might be asking you to to promote their series or because it offers a good promotional opportunity.   understand that the promotional side makes it worth it but there must be another reason. i think maybe content or something to do with the game to come. Only two of them are going though. Paul and Hatward. I wouldn't expect either of them to be gathering much in terms of reference materials for the circuit since that's not really their departments. They aren't sound or graphics guys. Getting some more feedback from the drivers with the latest builds of the gam
  5. Heading off to Barcelona RX in a van? The DiRTy devs must be shifting a lot of gear from UK to Spain! If they're going there for more than work  (car sound recording? track research? new car research?) then they'll enjoy Barcelona - it's an amazing city! Maybe the gear in the back of the van are rigs for a PvP session between drivers? I do think they should find a challenge equivalent to partying at a local moose hunter house.. :)
  6. Hello all! So post-justbiglee Gossip era has began...  When @justbiglee gets off the NFS and Star Wars games he'd be welcomed with open arms over in the DiRTy Gossip :) Life's been pretty busy lately so I haven't been able to play at all, but with Finland on the way I better dust of my G27 I also have Oculus Rift DK2 borrow from a guy at work, but I can't get it work on Win 10! GHrrrr! I really want to see what this VR fuss is about, especially with DiRT Rally as that's a sort of a game I want to play in the future. I wish I could join in the speculation as to what cars will be comin
  7. @justbiglee last DiRT Roadbook.... http://blog.codemasters.com/dirt/09/dirt-rally-road-book-030915/ Don't cut. Be brave. :( :( :(
  8. I think I'll need to think longer on what to say... :( I'm really sad as your actions and approach to this needy DiRTy community made the DiRTy Gossip the best place on the internet. Thank you for all you have done and for how hard you've fought for the game to be as community wished. I'm sure you'll absolutely smash it wherever you go next. Best of luck Lee :) P.S. I'll write a bit more later.
  9. Our relationship is over. That sounds fantastic - I'm very jealous! How cool would it have been if you could boot up your PC and keep buzzing for longer by playing DiRT Rally RX? :D :D   (sorry for taking a dig, but I'm too jealous :tongue: )
  10. But only for RX fans on PC... :tongue: So who's been out there, experiencing the online carnage? :D
  11. So what's the Gossip from the DiRT Show guys...? I can't watch it while at work... :(
  12. Boys and girls, get ready for online Hell in DiRT Rally RX PvP. http://forums.codemasters.com/discussion/18372/dirt-show-today-at-3pm-uk-time-send-us-your-questions DiRT Show is on today so the update will be live later today :)
  13. did we? Nevertheless, players pushing themselves hopes too high is not good idea, but playing with releasing dates is also quite unrespectful against the consumers. If you would not changed this, what i described before, you could not have this post for sure. Peace. Jeeeez things happen when trying to put a good update together and maybe it slipped by a day or two. Over on DiRT forums we don't call out 'promises' when there weren't any.   Suffice to say it's just around the corner so hold your horses :tongue: As soon as this one drops I'm going online to get absolutely
  14. I think they will come out together. Maybe it's just a mistake in the timeline - it's the first time the devs have added a date ahead of release. If there's a tweet today announcing a DiRT Show today then we'll know for sure :)
  15. The game is going to be in Hell - we can't make it though. No idea about Lydden yet. @KickUp Is this ambitious idea discussed with Bakkerud's PR guy going ahead? That tweet about further improvements in handling is making very excited. I personally find it hard to believe that some significant improvements can be made - to me it's already rather sweet :) I guess it would be a good bet to say that the PvP update with Hell will come out next week. I 'suspect' racing against other players will be great fun :)
  16. This post by @justbiglee on reddit is well worth a read for those didn't know the story behind what the game was called while in development... https://www.reddit.com/r/dirtgame/comments/3hbbbx/daily_delta_question/cu6cmq6
  17. Trouble is that it's just @justbiglee from the Community Managers crew... @LiteralZero was seemingly asked to leave two weeks or so ago... There's just no way to Lee can recover the CM-community relations if the F1 2015 doesn't get better... Or unless patches stop introducing new game-breaking bugs... Whichever article about F1 2015 I read there's always a line: 'Hard to believe this game is from the same company which made DiRT Rally'. It's a bit like a beauty and a beast... Or maybe not, but it's a big contrast and I wouldn't blame Lee if he just can't find the motivation to hash out the f
  18. Unfortunately I didn't catch anything. Will hopefully make up for it when they get to Hell (<LOL) Worth watching the finals (you should be able to replay the livestream). Some unusually unsportsman like behavior from Petter in the semi... I couldn't quite believe Petter's view on the incident... It was clear he turned in on Hansen.. No doubt about it... Anyways, back to the Gossip. There's one bit from the Kick It with the oh so pretty @KickUp section, which sounds intriguing: 'Last up I’ve been brushing up on my rally theory for a bit of a feature I’m working on. More on that in
  19. Oops...uh, don't get too excited! You wouldn't have been able to select it in-game. When an event is invalid the tile locks automatically. It was a bug that I've just fixed. You'll actually be racing in Germany. Sorry! Is that you flirting with our feelings @Hatward?  You just gave us plenty of reasons to Gossip that all cars on Pikes Peak will happen soon! :D
  20. Well, I suppose we should be grateful CM managed to get the game this far before they stuffed it up. Starting about a week back the game became unplayable for me as the frame rate started firing off all over the place . .yoyoing between 20 - 65fps. The only change I'd made to the game was finding the stability control and turning it on . .bad decision. I'd say what happened is not 'stuffing it up' by any stretch... It's unfortunate that some players see their game crashing, fps drop down when there's 5 more cars on track and there are still instances of Error 41. I'm sure the team is lo
  21. You guys are proper Gossip investigators! :D  Back in the old days I just made stuff up :D  I'm liking these hints towards the Mitsubishi EVO and Ford Focus WRC. They would be rather special vehicles to take to Finland :)
  22. Having two different Audi RX cars is probably making it worse. Audi-EKS licence   (Audi S1) Audi-Larsson licence   (Audi A1) Who owns the licence for the Audi RX car in World RX if there are three parties involved? It worked out with Peugeot-Hansen 208 and Albatec's 208. Or, one of these two was just easy going with the licencing and was happy with just their livery being shown... Anyways, this whole world of licencing seems like a maze and it is one of the areas, which devs can't/don't want to talk about... Citroen DS3 Mini JRM and something previously modelled in DiR
  23. From what I know the reason for absence of the Audi S1 in DiRT Rally has little to do with an EA sticker on Ekstrom's cars. The EKS team has racing game rigs in their paddock tent, but those rigs run Gran Turismo 6... It's a shame, as those S1s look deadly and are competitive :) So what? LMP teams have routinely had one racing sim or another set up as well and they are in multiple games. In fact, the funny thing about that is that Sony/Polyphony Digital/Gran Turismo is not a partner of EKSRX http://www.eksrx.com/#partners So what your basically saying is that the team has r
  24. From what I know the reason for absence of the Audi S1 in DiRT Rally has little to do with an EA sticker on Ekstrom's cars. The EKS team has racing game rigs in their paddock tent, but those rigs run Gran Turismo 6... It's a shame, as those S1s look deadly and are competitive :)
  25. Great stuff - I've not had the time for Dailies lately, but I'm glad you've called their mums and told them how naughty cheating in DR is! Is the Black Book of Cheats in your desk drawer, right under a bucket of jelly turtles? ;] I'm not sure whether this was asked/answered recently, but what is the latest on whether the Weekly/Monthly challenges could be modified so that there's no way of treating them like an inconvenient shoot-out with restarts? Gotta re-watch the DiRT Show - there must be more Gossip in there!
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