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  1. Was the Audi S1 mentioned in the DiRT Show at all? I could have missed it as I was still VERY pumped after playing the RX update! :) I've asked Paul at Holjes what other RX cars will be added to the game. I'm pretty sure he told me, but I've forgotten... I can't praise the RX update enough... I was really looking forward to driving these monstrous hatchbacks in DR, but the extent to which they are true to life exceeded my expectation. The tracks are modelled beautifully too: bumpy where I'd expect and with features which make the cars behave exactly as they would in real life. I'm int
  2. @griev0r Right now at www.twitch.tv/dirtgame By the way it was just confirmed that Petter Solber's and Liam Doran's Citroen DS3 RX cars will be added in the RX expansion.
  3. How so?  I won't be able to try it out till I get off work today. I think RX cars have an extra layer of handling simulation added to them. Hopefully, Paul will explain that during the show, as well as when this handling expansion will be added to rally cars. I really wish I could watch the show live, but twitch and pretty much all useful websites are blocked on my computer... ;]
  4. I wouldn't be surprised if it was set to go live at 2pm, so right about now! :) Now I wish I left the PC on...
  5. Insert 'IT'S HAPPENING!' gif image... But why is it always happening when I'm at work? :tongue: I guess, because someone at Codies needs to press the BIG RED button during working hours :) In case someone can watch the DiRT Show live please post the juciy Gossip here for my entertainment :D
  6. I'll record some races later tonight - I may even leave work 20 minutes early :tongue: I may even livestream it on Twitch! :open_mouth: I feel really sorry for you Steve, but I won't hold back with praising the RX content if it's good :) I just hope that slower pace of AI won't be too much of an issue... When I played the RX in Holjes I really liked how aggressive they were and how the AI cars were squirming as they were battling it out.
  7. At the very end of the blog post from last week it says: 'That’s your lot for this week; we’ll be back on Monday with a brand new episode of the DiRT Show – have an awesome weekend.' Historically, DiRT Shows coincided with the day of release of updates so my guess is on for today :)
  8. Very excited for today - RX update is expected to come out! The link-up between Codies and World RX was a subject of DiRTy Gossip for months. We knew it was going to happen even before Codies or IMG knew of it. You're welcome everyone! :tongue: I'm afraid I won't be able to watch the DiRT Show live today. Hopefully, on top of the introduction of the RX update the infamous DiRTy duette of @KickUp and @justbiglee will shed some light on future plans such what will happen when Early Access ends. Simply put - spill some Gossip please :)
  9. It's been posted before that picture, think it was before DiRT Rally was released though.  I remember the days when we took a pic of any car as a hint that it will make it into the next DiRT game. Whatever that next DiRT game was going to be :) I definitely take this pic of the Focus as a hint it may be added to DiRT Rally! :D
  10. While the total sales /ownership for games such GRID 2 or Showdown is high, the numbers don't portray the thing that really matters: revenue. Showdown was probably sold at an average price of $3 as part of a bundle or a sale. DiRT 3 was a big commercial success so it's numbers are a combination of real, good price sales and bundles/discount. DiRT Rally easily outsold F1 2015 so far, despite being an Early Access title. It only had a brief period of a discount on Steam Sale, but the pickup of the title is still in progress. There's appetite for such a game and if the execs can't see it.... T
  11. That's pretty much what I wrote in my post. I just wouldn't like it personally if they decide to do that... Evilsmurf said:So looks like we could be playing DiRT Rally for the next 11 years then... Hmmm that sounds good, but how did you come to that conclusion? :D
  12. 'Something like DiRT' ........ I don't like the sound of that... Unless they mean DiRT Rally Ultimate Edition... I have to say that the interview gave me mixed emotions. On one hand there are bits, which suggest that now with the positive reception to DiRT Rally they want to take it to consoles with confidence that it would sell well. But then they say things like: 'When it comes to making a bigger, broader game, you have to start making trade-offs, because not a lot of people will get into a really difficult rally sim.' Sounds like back-pedalling from the authenticity and focus of Di
  13. I also think including the F1 track based RX layouts is a good possibility. With F1 Codemasters don't have to worry about getting a licence with each of the tracks as I presume they'll all be covered under the overall F1 licence from FOM. I guess the contracts with tracks include the right to represent them in a video game. If IMG have the same clause/part in their contracts, which would give them such a right then they could pass it onto Codies. And with Codies having already modelled the surrounding terrain and the F1 tracks should be able to complete the environment with much less effort
  14. By looking at "periodic table of dirt rally's cars" the cars that could "fit" in Finland legends update are Makinen's subaru 2001/2002 wrc (the frog eyed one), Grönholm's pug 307 2005 wrc or Kankkunen's toyota celica gt-four st-205.... the ones you point are, sadly, not in the list Whoa! What is this period table of DiRT Rally cars? Can you explain a bit more how you've arrived at your conclusion?
  15. Judging by the car classes currently in the game there is one visible gap: the 2000s...   There are plenty of classics to pick from that period! :D I'm not that knowledgeable about history of rally so perhaps someone else could take a guess at this: was there a Rally Finland event in 2000s where the battle came right down to the wire? I know that Marcus Gronholm won Rally Finland in 2000s many times (7 according to Wiki) while driving the Peugeot 206 WRC, Peugeot 307 WRC and Ford Focus RS WRC. I'd welcome these cars, please and thank you :) Ford Focus RS WRC made an appearan
  16. I know of two AMAZING cars, which are in development but I'm not sure which pack they will come out in. I think people will pee their pants when it becomes official. But such intel was a result of me annoying Paul and Lee with MANY questions in Holjes so I definitely should keep my mouth shut!
  17. There was no need - we, the DiRTy Gossipers, are just clever and can deduce such things :) Or, we've guessed it....
  18. That Finnish stage looks mental! Even turns called as 3s and 4s look so fast! I've been playing the Germany stages lately (I'm a bit late to the party) in 306 and 3-5s are so difficult in that car (maybe it's the setup) In any case if there's one location which would make Paul's voice different as he clenches his buttocks on jump landings on the D-Box then it is Finland :) Do we know whether any cars will come out with the Finland stages? Hmm? I really can't wait for the RX update - because I've not been able to play DR that much I still have many cars to try and Champs to win. &nbs
  19. Good spot!  Interesting one has something to do with unlocking of the RX championship: Playing With The Big BoysUnlock the FIA World Rallycross Championship. How would we have to unlock it? Hmm? I really expected an achievement such as Magic Weekend: Win at Holjes by punting off your rival in the last corner or Crazy Nowegien: hunt a moose down.
  20. I'm sure he would if he had a PC capable of playing the games. Poor chaps not even got DiRT yet :open_mouth:    True story :(  Each time I'm playing DiRT Rally, sweating like a pig because of the tension and emotions a thought passes through my head: what would life be if I haven't invested in a PC to play this rather awesome game? It would have been sad... In all seriousness Steve @tbtstt - you just gotta get a PC for next week... RX pack is likely to come out! :)   I'll record some gameplay specially for you :)
  21. I think what Timmy is playing may not be the final version of the update, that we'll get to play pretty soon. I think the dev builds may have cars in them, which are not fully signed off so it all may change until the very last minute. We've seen the DS3 in videos before so I'm sure it's in the works - may just not make it for the first pack due to a delay in licencing sign off. What is very cool is that Timmy Hansen can and wants to play DiRT Rally ahead of the RX pack release and send his feedback do the dev team. He knows exactly what his 208 WRX is doing on the track and when we get to
  22. Check this out! Timmy Hansen with a lil preview of cars in the RX update!  https://instagram.com/p/5g4coGBM9L/ Peugeot Hansen 208 (7 liveries) VW Polo Rallycross in VW Marklund livery (8 liveries in total) Ford OMSE Fiesta  (5 liveries in total) By the way, this is the kind of rig he's playing DiRT Rally on...
  23. I'm 99% sure that is not the case... If anything the response to DiRT Rally has confirmed that this direction and focus on authenticity is what the players wanted now. In my opinion the next game will be an expanded DiRT Rally with a bigger budget and console versions. According to Steam Spy DiRT Rally sold about 110 000 digitally as Early Access game - F1 2015 sold less than 30 000 and it's a high profile full release. DiRT Rally is a living proof of giving players what they specifically asked for pays off. Talking about all of this seems a bit premature, we're still about three months f
  24. The post on reddit @Azoresst linked to makes it pretty clear there are no plans for DLC. If there are no plans for DLC then it must mean that the devs and artists are moving onto a different project... How did they arrive at a conclusion that post-EA updates will be free...? It was made very clear that Timeline updates would be included in the price, so to save money it made sense to get in right at the start. I do wish that DiRT Rally would become a service - I'd be more than happy to pay some money every month for development of new locations/stages/cars and features (stage evolutio
  25. Haha smoooooth return to the topic at hand :D :tongue: I've not seen that much Gossip lately, but noticed that people start to wonder what will happen in a couple of months time. There is a clear plan from the timeline on what content will be added, we know that there's more cars on the way and MP mode. However, what is not quite clear what happens when EA is over. Of course, the game will go to v1.0 and be available for puchase, but in a way that's the state right now. With such commercial issues at hand the devs perhaps do not have a permission to discuss yet whether there will be any DL
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