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  1. Another must-read interview with @KickUp http://www.redbull.com/en/games/stories/1331736195317/dirt-rally-interview-making-the-best-rally-sim
  2. I think it's more complicated than that. WRC commercial rights holder gave the licence to Big Ben Interactive, who employed Kylotonn to make the game and had Milestone do it in the past. If Big Ben is still making money from such poor efforts why would they change how things are? We can only hope that the licence deal runs out soon, the commercial rights holder has enough of such poor representation of the sport and then makes the deal with Codies for a not too restrictive series of games...
  3. That is the strangest trailer I've ever seen.. Plenty of the piss filter early on, some shots looked as if they are phase shift photography and I kept waiting for 'NOT actual gameplay footage', because the way the car moved was so weird. See... I'm not blaming them for trying and I suspect if I played it I may like a thing or two. But soon after I'd grow MIGHTY frustrated with how shit it is overall. Then I remember how much sweat my body gave out when I tried to complete some stages in Greece with the 306 or Lancia 037. There are no games on the horizon, which would give as much fun
  4. For 2015..... ? No way... and Showdown? Getta outta here... Anyone brave enough in Photoshop to paste someone from Codies onto the 'IT'S HAPPENING' gif... ? :P Joking aside I don't believe this... If Codies are to release a DiRT game for consoles it should be DiRT Rally!
  5. @OttoWilson nice research, only think u have to remember is that u have to count the 2 stages that still has to come: Flying Finland and Winterwonder land, lets say both are also 20 km +/- then u got around the 120km total in DiRT Rally , close to CMR DiRT, Not to forget its not fair to compare, to RBR, Because DiRT Rally and CMR DiRT got also Pikepeak and Rallycross ( Only DiRT Rally) That are also stage km. I do hope that there will be new stages added later on the rallies we got now, ( for example the wineyards stages in the Germany rally) I think it was not made visible/clear to
  6. First screenshots of Lydden Hill :  http://www.kentonline.co.uk/canterbury/news/kent-racing-circuit-treat-for-40297/
  7. Wat did you guys get from it?  Deformation stood out for me, visually showing it or not, its a interesting subject. I'm really happy that the subject of road deformation and evolution came up in that interview.  I've written about it on the forum before and even annoyed Paul with an email once.  I've mentioned it during the visit to Codies and I was told that visually it is doable, but to have that influence the grip and balance it all out would be very tricky. Here's my post from over a year ago in the Wish-list thread: http://forums.codemasters.com/discussion/comment/1697
  8. I can see what they've tried there with the dust on the side of the car. I love how light dust is thrown sideways by the WRC beasts and how it curls up on the inside of the car as it slides. I can see they've tried to have this sideways kick-up activate when the car is sliding, but it doesn't look very natural... I can also hear they've tried to include the sound of the VW Polo WRC when it's off throttle under braking and at times (in the hood cam) it sounds believable. The stages are definitely too wide, I can't judge the handling from looking but it definitely is nowhere near DiRT Rally w
  9. It would have been funny if Loeb was confirmed to take part in Dakar, take the wins and prevent Mikko from taking any... That kept happening for so many years in WRC!  Mikko may be thinking: 'Not this guy again...' :tongue: In Holjes there were plenty of situations worthy of a Steam achievement... I can't wait for the next batch to be released once RX pack is live! 'Crazy Norwegian and his rottweiler' 'Happy Street' 'Oj oj oj'
  10. I've read loads of posts on F1 2015 about it's online multiplayer - now I'm quite glad DiRT Rally is not using the new engine and tech from F1 2015... Hopefully, the PvP mode for RX and possibly rally will use the tech from previous DiRT games, which didn't have any signifcant issues as I recall. I used to play the F1 games a LOT and compete every weekend in F1 leagues. It would have been so gutting to find out that the new game is completely unplayable due to de-syncing of players and glitches. In addition Cutom lobbies are not there anymore, neither is the online ranking system.
  11. It would have been VERY cool if DiRTy Devs released their interpretation of the 2017 WRC rules for DiRT Rally :D Make a car model resembling a hatchback, follow the dimensions and guidelines to make the wings and bodywork, slap on a huge wing and put Codies stickers on it. Definte the engine to match the expected parameters (380hp and loads of torque), do some other magic and release it for DiRT Rally as a demonstration of their speed :) It would be a good advert for Codemasters to get the WRC licence off Big Ben :P :P
  12. Yeah, I think Borseth is the orange Fiesta. The Drive for Life team is run by Borseth, though Borseth normally drives a Focus and I don't recall him ever driving with the door number 43, so that may be a different driver in the orange Fiesta. I think it's not supposed to Borseth's car - it's a Fiesta with a livery of the Drive for Life foundation. Just played a bit of F1 2015 - it's an improvement in handling over previous games and looks very pretty at times. The AI is good - aggressive and have good pace. But... after playing it back-to-back with DiRT Rally there's just no comparison
  13. Whoa this escalated quickly! :D How did you guys manage go from talking about RX to talking about bacon and popcorn? :open_mouth: The RX licence news piece was picked by many websites - it's really good for this to get some exposure. Having played and seen the enthusiasm for it over in Holjes I really think it will add lots of excitement to the game. Does anybody know what the general view is on the launch of the new F1 game? I hope it hasn't demolished the good work on CM reputation that DiRT Rally has done. I'm thinking of getting it on PC soon - long long time ago I used to spend coun
  14. Ha! Lots of drunk Swedes I imagine? Yup, it was only Swedes and no one else...... Hopefully, the 'more' stuff Lee is referring to will be a clip from World RX - I think they would show the game in motion :)
  15. Almost an entire DiRT Rally Road Book on rallycross. I'm in a happy place right now. Now where are those Holjes pictures @GentleNameMVB and @justbiglee ? There's more on RX coming today, but not sure what that will be. I've had another look through the pics and they're not great... Some pics of cars in the paddock, maybe 20 from the circuit and some recorded clips which I'll edit into an amateur video ;] Most of the pics are from the walk along the Happy Street and maybe it's best they don't make into the public domain...
  16. I think it was already confirmed by FIA World RX Twitter account that first pack will have Höljes (very early August) , while the second will add Hell and Lydden Hill (end of August) . 
  17. I'm a bit bored at work these days... And still buzzing from the weekend in Sweden so wanted to say things before I forget. And as the weekend proved I talk too much. Your post about the triple post was very valuable - thank you for adding to the Gossip discussion :)
  18. This week's DiRT Rally Road Book is really worth reading: http://blog.codemasters.com/dirt/07/dirt-rally-road-book-080715/ The extra work on RX cars means the update release will slip into beginning of August. It may sound like a bad thing, but it's not. Now that the DiRTy devs have met the drivers and coaches from Swedish Motorsport Foundation they'll be able to get certain Swedish drivers with famous last names to try out the improved cars on their brand new simulation rig. The blog may not fully explain that the kind of feedback the drivers gave was the best kind: first impressions. If y
  19. Here's a replay of the livestream for Höljes round of the World RX: http://livestream.com/fiaworldrallycross/round62015sweden About 3 minutes in there's a mention that World RX will be featured in DiRT Rally and there are some moving shots above driver shoulder.  If I remember correctly the RX video team will prepare a longer edit showing the Höljes track in DiRT Rally. 
  20. Haha fair enough I did play something DiRTy then :) But it wasn't a proper session full of me visiting Welsh dense forests or ditches in Greece ;]  You and the Swedish Cross-kart kids kept giving me dirty looks to get me off the seat!
  21. I'm sure he doesn't hold the spoon with too much grip - it needs to slide in his fingers as he puts the gravelly cereal into his mouth :)  I've not played DiRT Rally for over a week... And now I have in-laws visiting...  At least my head is full of really exciting Gossip :P
  22. I really don't know whether two RX updates will be grouped into one - that subject never came up, which is surprising because I was properly annoying with all my questions :) My suspicion (and this is really me Gossiping) is that it will still be two updates, the first one just won't come out before the end of this month. If it all ends up rolling into one big updatet it just means that more work was needed to modify the car handling and modify appearance of one of the cars. When it comes to the cars I think I can only say that I've seen the cars, which were in the trailer so Olsbergs and T
  23. I'm sure that will be mentioned in more detail in the DiRTy Show marking the release of the RX pack. With regards to kicking up the dust there isn't there wasn't that much of it getting thrown about at Holjes. The gravel sections get wetted a number of times during the day of racing, as otherwise on such hot and dry days like this weekend the dust would really obscure what people could see. Also, from what I've seen the gravel in gravel sections is quite shallow - only the sand/gravel pits are quite deep. Most of the RX tracks are primarily tarmac and even if there's quite a bit of grave
  24. Good spot, seems to be the case.  Whoa! That's a very good spot (was it the very first thing @justbiglee did when he got back to the office ? :P )  I guess it just won't be ready in time. Hopefully, a quick post/tweet will explain why. I guess the feedback from the drivers meant some extra tweaking. A good thing :) The extra time will definitely help the team address the comments from the drivers. The thing is, and I hope @KickUp won't kill me for talking about this, the RX cars have a new feature of the car handling model. Due to this extra layer of car handling
  25. Good spot, seems to be the case.  Whoa! That's a very good spot (was it the very first thing @justbiglee did when he got back to the office ? :P )  I guess it just won't be ready in time. Hopefully, a quick post/tweet will explain why.
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