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  1. Sounds great! The only thing I'm a bit worried about is that Bakkerud's best time IRL was 02:58.952, while 2.06 in game? That's not just slightly off the real times. If the track itself is almost spot on, then the cars surely need some tweaking to be slower. The race the drivers attempted was 3 laps long, with one of these laps being with joker. The 2:58 time is for a 4 lap race. The team is keen to have the lap times close to real life results and will tweak various things to make it as close as possible to real life performance. However, the in-game track may not have the same
  2. Hello all! I see there's an expectation of a report :O :tongue: This week I''ll try to put up some photos and tell the story of my trip. Long story short is that it all was simply amazing and I'm not sure any other motorsport weekend will ever top this one! When it comes to DiRT Rally Gossip I could share there probably isn't a lot of it... I've arrived on Saturday, which was the day after the team had many of the RX drivers come over to the tent to sample the game. I think there will be a YouTube clip from FIA World RX showing the competition between drivers and with an interview with
  3. I'm quite gutted I'm missing this.... https://twitter.com/dirtgame/status/616906600285138944?s=09
  4. Good morning, I'm still gobsmacked by the great preview video Codies and Neil Cole released...! I really hope we'll get to see more of such previews for the RX expansion update and for Rally updates. There were so much great and informative stuff in the video: - how instantly the car handling model is switching between surface types and that each surface type has subsets - for RX the team had to work on the AI - will it be an improvement over the AI in DiRT 3? - there were these cool single line streaks as we were showed the dev screen in race: are these the paths/lines done by the AI
  5. That's an interesting subject. While they may have done some modelling for the RX cars the WRC versions have quite different internals and worse still the licence for them may belong to someone else.  For example is the current Ford Fiesta WRC licence owned by M-Sport or Ford?  In any case the RX pack is looking sweet :) I'm sure the visuals will be improved once it's released and in our hands :D 
  6. The only cars I've spotted were the Olsberg's Ford Fiesta and Petter Solberg's Citroen DS3. AI driver names in one of the segments had Grosset-Janin, Veiby and Pucher - Fiesta wit Timerzyanov's livery appeared in the video. Hopefully, the VW Polo makes it into the first pack so that VW Marklund and VW Sweden teams will be represented. What about Peugeot Hansen?  Maybe that car will be added in the Expansion
  7. So much awesome in this video! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FsWYmLt9H2s
  8. I've just watched a replay of @dirtgame Periscope stream: https://www.periscope.tv/w/aGVbXDE4NTMxNTl8MzI1MTg5NDcjyea_G8s6zEb6q1p4gCM_lFSrs4mDTmSoXIiQ_8g2ZQ== There was a mention that the devs are hoping that the VW Polo will be in the first RX update @KickUp also said they'll be based within Swedish Motorsport Foundation tent, so my guess is that tomorrow they'll be running a hot lap/race time competition for young drivers and RX drivers. I guess the trophy will be awarded to the winner :) 
  9. I *really* hate to rub this in your faces guys, but all going well I'll get to try the RX update over the weekend.... :D :D :D @tbtstt what other game would you get a PC for? Console release may happen eventually, but do you really want to see us rave about the RX content for 12 months while you don't have it home? Hm? :) Truth be told, the reason I got a PC last August was that after my visit to Codies I expected something DiRTy to come out in 2014. It didn't, but a good gaming PC if fantastic to play all games in 1080p@60fps. From what I've seen DiRT Rally is well optimised so even on a m
  10. Temptation to go to PC World after work, buy a new PC and download DiRT Rally: HIGH. SO. MUCH. WANT. @tbtstt I would never want to interfere with your purchasing decisions, but DO IT! It would be awesome to punt you off in the first corner ;]
  11. Yes, #WorldRX is in there :) Somehow missed it :P Then it's tweeted from their account so it doesn't get much more official :) But from a track environment point of I think the track should have those RX logos and banners. Unless, Monster threw loads of cash at Codies :) If Monster drinks are so keen to be so visible I'm sure they were keen on Solberg's livery on a Citroen DS3 :)
  12. Boooom first screenshots of Holjes with plenty of Monster branding! But can't see any FIA World RX logos https://twitter.com/FIAWorldRX/status/616614208696909824?s=09
  13. https://twitter.com/FIAWorldRX/status/616607114543386624?s=09 https://twitter.com/Kick_Up/status/616602139222274048?s=09 Yup, it's happening and I have to try it out over the weekend :D 
  14. Haha! You know that will be tough... @justbiglee can be very articulate with his threats and I don't want to lose my VIP badge on RaceNet and dirtgame.com ... :tongue:  I now regret not travelling to Sweden earlier - I'll have a tough journey to make from Oslo to Holjes between midnight and 9am... I'm hoping the sound of the Supercars will wake me up once I get there! :D I'm also missing some sort of a BBQ on the track on Friday (http://www.finnskogamk.se/) - is this the big thing @justbiglee was touting? Is the trophy for the best burger which makes use of IK
  15. I guess its for the DiRT team who are on location, Paul has been posting pictures on Instagram. There's some sort of a media event? Do they have them before every event? Hojles is a special weekend apparently and the weather is nice over there so why not :) https://twitter.com/RallycrossWorld/status/616583080724271104?s=09 What if Paul or Lee get a passenger ride......... 
  16. Wait a sec... Why are the cars running on Thursday? :O https://twitter.com/dirtgame/status/616578315399376896?s=09
  17. At this stage it's difficult to know exactly how much RX content will be added to DiRT Rally as part of the Early Access scheme. Accoding to the timeline there will be two RX updates: Pack and Expansion. Where did we get the info that 3 tracks will be released? Was it confirmed on DiRTy Show? In any case it comes down to whether IMG insisted that a full season will be represented... Bearing in mind that Codies probably do not have the game budgets they used to and that World RX is still in development maybe they've agreed on tracks which are absolute classics and on new F1-venue based tracks
  18. Rygge airport in Norway is the best/cheapest way to get to the area of Rally Sweden and the rallycross location. I suspect they're driving over the border. Just don't do it too many times in a weekend or you get tracked by customs officials, in my experience! I'm doing the same on Saturday morning - that Holjes track is in the middle of nowhere :D  @tbtstt - have you come across any forum posts/guides on where to go/how to get to/tips when going to Holjes? I'll try to meet up with the DiRTy lads to squeeze some RX Gossip and info - I'm keen to know whether they introduce some sort of
  19. I agree with what @tbtstt wrote above and I also understand your reservations @griev0r  . I had a chance to try RX stuff at Codies in 2013 and that discipline has been in their games for a while. Of course modelling of the RX tracks, cars and design of RX features would have taken away from building stuff for rally. It is my suspicion that, because RX tracks are much more contained that maybe the effort of researching them and modelling is less than for a rally stage.  So if there will be 2-3 RX tracks it likely does not mean that 2-3 rally stages were sacrificed. In my opinion the
  20. Haha - it's shaping up to be a great weekend, but I'll do my best not to enjoy it :tongue: I've just seen the programme for the weekend and it seems there'll plenty going on on Friday, and I'm arriving on Saturday morning (after landing in Oslo at midnight...). If Codies will be showing off the RX stuff to the drivers or WorldRX folks then they'd probably do it before they get ultra busy on Saturday and Sunday. So... I may miss that bit... But I won't miss the main heats :) They've clearly dropped the last remaining drops of subtlety and it's 99% sure we'll see some sort of news on DiRT R
  21. https://twitter.com/dirtgame/status/616248048126181376?s=09 https://twitter.com/FIAWorldRX/status/616248230632914944?s=09 https://twitter.com/dirtgame/status/616248725489496064?s=09
  22. I think it's to do with the box Lee pictured on Twitter. I'm sure he's taking some DiRT Rally swag with him to Sweden, but I don't think he'd be that protective of t-shirts :) There must be something more important in that box... Perhaps the trophy.
  23. So @KickUp and @justbiglee are on a romatic getaway to Swedish forests. What's in the box? https://twitter.com/justbiglee/status/616221343252672512?s=09 I'm hoping it's a beasty PC with current build of the RX update loaded in... Just cause I'd like to try it over the weekend :) Lee posted this link yesterday: http://www.redbull.com/uk/en/motorsports/offroad/stories/1331600576906/postcard-from-rallycross-sweden My plan is to sleep in the hire car, so now I know where you I'm going to park it :) 
  24. Even if I wasn't a DiRT fan boy (let's face it - I am...) I'd be really chuckling at that SLRE video... It's not just one thing... The sound, car handling, dancing baloons, FIRE!, the beep at the start of the race... I've not bought any of the WRC1-4 games... Even now they're priced at £24.99 on Steam! :O :O (although it was on sale recently, but no one cared...) I'm a big fan of Seb Loeb - he's a total ledge, 9x Bantermeister and would go for cheeky Nando's with him anytime... Why, oh why is he attaching his name to this...
  25. :O :O The tyre squeel sound is so horrible! It sounds more like a mosquito having it's balls squeezed... And the 'dancing' air-inflated tubes are LOL! :D:D:D:D Also, the way in which the car lands of the jump doesn't bode well for the physics and car set-up. Seeing how great the Germany update turned out I'm 100000% confident Codies will do RX justice :)
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