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  1. Baggiesteve

    Pit Coins

    Same. I'm on xbox and still haven't received them. I've just excepted that we will not be getting them now as I can't see how they will be able to do it.
  2. hello. I have just turned the game on and was delighted to see podium pass working now. However I have an issue. I received the pitcoins i bought before it went offline 11000. £8.39. But did not receive my pre order bonus coins. Xbox one Version 1.01
  3. Baggiesteve


    Dont worry i found out the answer myself.
  4. Baggiesteve


    hello I see a few people posting on here saying they are using v1.03 when reporting faults. My one says. v1.01. ?? im on xbox if that makes any difference. What has everyone else got?
  5. Baggiesteve

    Tx thrustmaster wheel problem

    Thanks for your help it has worked. I really appreciate your help.
  6. Baggiesteve

    Tx thrustmaster wheel problem

    I'm running it on xbox one but updating it on laptop. Xbox one x only has 3.0 USB ports I believe
  7. Baggiesteve

    Tx thrustmaster wheel problem

    That's the update i did v55. But after I did it the bottom part(firmware) stayed in boot 9 mode. I tried taking the f1 wheel of and put on my Ferrari edition wheel on but it still says the same thing. Normally thrustmasters are really good getting back to you, but with all this virus stuff they cant answer phones or emails. I will try the 2.0 port though later. I didnt know there were different types 🤣
  8. Baggiesteve

    Tx thrustmaster wheel problem

    Hello. I have the f1 wheel add on. I installed there driver from the thrustmaster website.
  9. Baggiesteve

    Tx thrustmaster wheel problem

    That's great thank you 👍
  10. Hi guys sorry to post this here but I really need help and as this is the most used forum at the moment I thought I would give it a try. I updated my tx thrustmaster a couple of days ago. It has now stuck in (boot 9) mode. Which basically puts it into limp mode. There is little to no feedback and the wheel just doesn't feel right. I was wondering if anyone has experienced this problem or knows how to fix it?
  11. Baggiesteve

    F1 full race weekend!! (Xbox)

    As F1 has all but been cancelled I was thinking about setting up a season. Just like the real thing. Full practice Friday, qualifying saturday, then 100% full race sunday. Would anybody be interested?. If you are please leave a comment with your xbox gamer tag.