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  1. Baggiesteve

    F1 full race weekend!! (Xbox)

    As F1 has all but been cancelled I was thinking about setting up a season. Just like the real thing. Full practice Friday, qualifying saturday, then 100% full race sunday. Would anybody be interested?. If you are please leave a comment with your xbox gamer tag.
  2. Baggiesteve

    Xbox issues following GRID patch - updates here

    Thanks for keeping us up to date Chris
  3. Baggiesteve

    AFTER UPDATE Game wont start.

    Same here too. I have a night off was looking forward to playing it 😤😤😤
  4. I managed to get in a few last night. But it was still struggling
  5. Baggiesteve

    Patch 1.04?

    It's not online fix if that helps 😢😢