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  1. Same I have 3 league races Sunday,Monday and Tuesday. Going to be gutted if I can't race
  2. Alot of friends that have xbox one are still able to play. Seems to be a problem with series s and x. Maybe a hdr issue
  3. I'm having same issue. Screen flickers and nothing works on the wheel. 3 hours I've tried clearing cache uninstall re install. Checking firmware. As person said before it's the same with fifa if wheel is plugged in. Must be an EA problem.
  4. You are 71! Makes me feel so much better. I'm 42 and sometimes I think I should grow up but I just love racing. Good on you
  5. Same. I'm on xbox and still haven't received them. I've just excepted that we will not be getting them now as I can't see how they will be able to do it.
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