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  1. supersnel

    Unable to join ANY multiplayer session

    Problem seems to be resolved for me... kinda. Matchmaking takes waaay longer, delta's in the top left not working, crashing lobbies (more than previously), lobby timer giving up working, ... All kinds of stuff like this. It seems connectivity related. Other people's experiences?
  2. supersnel

    Unable to join ANY multiplayer session

    Same issue here: 1. Exact same issue as others describing it. I'm getting the general "error" message with the subscript "failed to join the session", on every single lobby. I also have noticed that searching for sessions takes quite a bit longer than in previously. 2. PC, steam 3. Version 1.08, Report code is RMEE-ERET-AARK-KAVG 4. Every online mode 5. Can replicate it every single time I try to join a session. No particular steps involved, and no prior issues. 6. I already attemped some troubleshooting, but there's nothing standing out which seems to suggest what's the issue. So therefore, there's not much I can do myself it seems. 7. Using a Thrustmaster TMX, Wireless MS Mouse, External display on my GTX 1650 mobile video card. Thanks again Codemasters for the sheit game (sorry, but online is such a mes in general, and it's still the same dam infrastructure since the 2016 game). 😉 Nah but seriously, this is getting so annoying and you guys find something new to mess up every year.
  3. supersnel

    Safety car bugged again!!??????

    I for one haven't got a single safety car in an entire season for some reason. Haven't restarted the season or anything and it was in My team.
  4. supersnel

    F1 2020 Denuvo

    Yeah, I too see no point in them changing that. After all, F1 2019 didn't get cracked, so it worked for them.
  5. supersnel

    F1 2020 My Team Engine Supplier Idea

    No way that they will do that! (Having suppliers like audi and porsche) The reason is simple: license issues. Codies just cannot pick whatever suppliers they like. First off, the license they have only grant them to use the official teams and drivers (and maybe some made up ones as well). If they would take Audi, Toyota and so on onboard, it would be impossible to make all parties agree with that. First off, Audi, Toyota would have to agree, and why would they? They're not in F1 at the moment and it would only enlarge the fact that they aren't present in F1 at the moment. Bad pr. Second, why would a team like Mercedes or Renault allow that? Those teams won't want a team just to come in and steal some of their exposure while not having to actually be present in the sport. (Oh and btw, at the moment engines of Audi cars are all just rebranded VW engines anyway.) Building an inhouse on the other hand, looks to be a possibility for sure I would say.
  6. supersnel

    Game Fails to Load F1 2019 (PC, Steam)

    @Silvester667 It would be very helpful for other people in the future if you could describe the solution into detail. That way people having the same issue can apply the same solution.
  7. supersnel

    PC - Crashing to desktop April - NVIDIA

    Please fill out a bug reporting template first. Try to explain the issue in more detail as well, and explain which solutions you have already tried.
  8. supersnel

    Game keeps on crashing, various conditions

    Thanks man, you have been a great support for helping me with this issue! I had already googled a bit and did some digging in Windows. And indeed, I found this settingsmenu as well and immediately saw that there was something wrong. The value for "currently allocated" was completely "bugged" (weird characters being displayed) and the above checkbox was set off. First thing I did was letting Windows manage the virtual memory by itself and restarted my pc. And voila! Issue solved! Thanks again Steve!
  9. supersnel

    Game keeps on crashing, various conditions

    @steviejay69 I think I found the issue after looking into the eventviewer: Translation: "Warning: Resource Exhaustion Detector: There has been found a problem with the virtual memory during checks. De following programs were using the most virtual memory: F1_2019_dx12.exe was using ....... bytes ..." Seems like this occurred on all occasions of my game crashing. Do you by any chance have a possible solution for this??
  10. supersnel

    Game keeps on crashing, various conditions

    Tsss... I hope it resolves itself quickly. But you gave me a lot of goog advice man. Today, I was able to get into an online session and spectate it for a while, like 20-30 secs. Then it crashed again sadly. So yeah, it's very weird. It just seems to crash after a period of time, no matter what.
  11. supersnel

    Game keeps on crashing, various conditions

    So, I did all the above you told me, but nothing seems to work, it crashed again while still in the home screen. Only thing I didn't do yet is install Ghub. I reverted back to 422.19 and disabled the game bar and I updated the TMX drivers. I Also updated the audio drivers to the one you said. I restarted the PC after these installs and reverts. For me, it also seems very characteristic for a Nvidia Driver problem, but after downgrading back to 422.19 it doesn't seem like it's that. As an extra, I also de-installed some of the programs I might've installed recently. (Like Deepl) I'm clueless at the moment, as seeing that I can perfectly play any other games just fine.
  12. supersnel

    Game keeps on crashing, various conditions

    Ok, thanks for the effort and info!! I'll look into it soon. If things change regarding this, I'll be sure to write it down here. I haven't been reinstalling drivers yet, but I'll give it a shot in the next couple of days.
  13. supersnel

    Game keeps on crashing, various conditions

    Ego dumper: egodumper.log
  14. supersnel

    Game keeps on crashing, various conditions

    Also, I have run Heaven and other games, and no problems there.
  15. supersnel

    Game keeps on crashing, various conditions

    Temperatures on my laptop are just fine. I've tried the game under various loads even at very low temperatures. Was completely fine before, it has just now started occurring.