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  1. Thanks man, you have been a great support for helping me with this issue!

    I had already googled a bit and did some digging in Windows. And indeed, I found this settingsmenu as well and immediately saw that there was something wrong. The value for "currently allocated" was completely "bugged" (weird characters being displayed) and the above checkbox was set off. First thing I did was letting Windows manage the virtual memory by itself and restarted my pc. And voila!

    Issue solved!


    Thanks again Steve!

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  2. @steviejay69

    I think I found the issue after looking into the eventviewer:



    "Warning: Resource Exhaustion Detector: There has been found a problem with the virtual memory during checks. De following programs were using the most virtual memory: F1_2019_dx12.exe was using ....... bytes ..."

    Seems like this occurred on all occasions of my game crashing.

    Do you by any chance have a possible solution for this??

  3. So, I did all the above you told me, but nothing seems to work, it crashed again while still in the home screen.

    Only thing I didn't do yet is install Ghub.

    I reverted back to 422.19 and disabled the game bar and I updated the TMX drivers.

    I Also updated the audio drivers to the one you said.

    I restarted the PC after these installs and reverts.

    For me, it also seems very characteristic for a Nvidia Driver problem, but after downgrading back to 422.19 it doesn't seem like it's that.

    As an extra, I also de-installed some of the programs I might've installed recently. (Like Deepl)

    I'm clueless at the moment, as seeing that I can perfectly play any other games just fine.

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  4. Hi codies,

    As an AOR-driver hoping to have a good start to the season, I was surprised and also dissapointed when my game kept on crashing today.

    I had run the game pre-update 1.22, but no problems back with that. Game ran perfectly well and smooth before that and I was able to complete last Season (28) at AOR without any issues.

    In between me being able to play the game and these problems, I didn't change anything to my PC or something like that. Further detailed description can be found below:


    *DxDiag: DxDiag.txt

    *Version of the game: 1.22

    *Game mode: all that I tried, sometimes not even getting to a specific game mode

    *How often does this happen? Almost every time now.

    *Troubleshooting already tried: Latest Nvidia Drivers, game reinstalls (completely) , game files validating, lowering graphical settings, PC restarts, closing all background programs, disconnecting my wheel, tried different DX version ...

    Running no tweaks/overclocks. Didn't modify my game files in any way.

    *Using a Thrustmaster TMX Wheel

    *Description: Every time I open up the game, shortly after it just crashes. Sometimes resulting in it generating a crash report, other times not. Furthest I've gotten right now is in the garage of a TT session.

    Video footage will be posted as well.

  5. The Denuvo DRM is surely doing some strange things when it comes to fps from the game.

    Last year, in F1 2018, I along with other people, was complaining about gamefreezes/framedrops. I also indicated it could have something to do with Denuvo, but I didn't get a complete answer on that from Codies.

    Do I think there can definitely be a correlation between Denuvo and fps, although I can't confirm this.

    As I haven't got F1 2019 yet, I can't really test it out.

  6. Hello @ghanghis
    Thanks for your post and feedback. I'm a Codemasters employee from the testing team helping out with the community forums across launch weekend to help provide extra support. 
    Can I ask for a little bit of extra info about your problem... 
    Specifically, can I clarify whether you were running any other potentially conflicting software in the background?
    What sort of lobby-type were you in (Unranked, ranked or championship)?
    Can I also double check whether you happened to notice any bad QOS (the connectivity warnings you can see in the lobby and on track) on any of the players?
    When your game crashed, did it produce any kind of crash reports? Which type of qualifying session had the crash in?
    Thanks in advance for your patience. 
    Same happening to me, really annoying and makes me wanting my money back!!
    My platform: PC
    I have competed in 2 races without any problems, but for some reason, it now displays: "You have been kicked for cheating."
    Why is this happening?
    You are BLOCKING CONTENT where I payed for...
    Only TRIED to join ranked. (doesn't work)
    Then decided to play unranked. First race, my setting were wrong so retired from session.
    5 minutes later also playing unranked, everything is fine.
    Next day, I want to play, and suddenly I am "Kicked for cheating".
    NO mods, NO anything! I am also running no conflicting software in the background.
    IO mean, it worked before...
    I was laggingt quite a lot though, mosly because of the STUPID lag spike and game freezes I always get.
    My game didn't crash.
    Please look into this @DriverNumber22 @Hoo @Faya !

    Steam ID: TheF1Driver; alias: RebornDestroyer