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  1. Yeah, same problem here. I only competed in the race this time, but finished 3rd in that race and I was in the top 10% for that. Result: Nothing as a reward in my mailbox, very disappointing... Fyi; SteamID: AOR RebornDestroyer
  2. supersnel

    Sudden FPS drop F1 2019

    The Denuvo DRM is surely doing some strange things when it comes to fps from the game. Last year, in F1 2018, I along with other people, was complaining about gamefreezes/framedrops. I also indicated it could have something to do with Denuvo, but I didn't get a complete answer on that from Codies. Do I think there can definitely be a correlation between Denuvo and fps, although I can't confirm this. As I haven't got F1 2019 yet, I can't really test it out.