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  1. Following on from last weeks "wet for some, dry for others" Russian GP weekly event, this weekend i've been held waiting 15mins to be put into a session that never happened, was locked into starting on hard tyres twice, disconnected when the host left the session after a few laps, been wiped out by some lunatic 30 seconds in who I had never met nor did anything to upset him in the first place... now I get to lap 12 before it kicks me out the game because i'm "not signed in to XBL" I quit out of the game I was punted out of and got a score of 21k, which put me 283rd on the standings
  2. As far as i'm aware, during a week practice/quali followed by a weekend race event, you receive a time penalty if you have more than one attempt at qualifying (0.5s?). When you attempt a race on the weekend, any new attempt will replace your old score on the leaderboard, even if its lower than your previous On the "all week" weekly events, no penalties seem to apply so you can have as many goes as you like without risking your current leaderboard score. Atleast thats what I remember from when the game used to work
  3. By no words of a lie or exaggeration, every update has made online play worse. It is now near impossible to get into a session, most of the time it searches for a couple of minutes before finding you a session on your own
  4. The last patch has completely removed the multiplayer feature for me - thats a killer
  5. Should be last Monday - check back next week Next week arrives - check back tomorrow Tomorrow arrives - dunno
  6. Great, i'm going to invite my friends to come and stare at the menus with me
  7. Not directed at safety car periods but is it not possible to perhaps add speed limits at slow corners, where if you approach said corner at a speed higher than X then your car will ghost? Will save people getting punted at hairpins by some mario kart loving cretin. I mean the window for this would be very marginal, like the speed limit would come into force on the apex so that people will still be allowed to brake late by accident. I sympathise with the penalty system as its impossible to get it perfect, but when I get hit in the backside in Monza at turn 1 and travel across the grass to cut i
  8. See you on '21 next June
  9. From what i've read elsewhere on this forum, the problem is entirely your fault for buying the game within 6 months of its release date. After this point the game then works roughly 40% of the time as it should.
  10. Does one word that is not quite literal to the Oxford Dictionary police make the rest of his post invalid?
  11. Today's hour of plays included A qualifying session around Canada before my game turned itself off, being put into a lobby on my own, being put into a race 60% complete that will probably break at the end, being put in the same race at 80% which will probably break at the end, and being put in to two more lobbies on my own. All in all my on hour was actually 15mins long.
  12. today pretty much sums up my entire time spent on this game. I have a spare hour, think i'll do some online racing. All things good and well I could do 4/5 races. Instead what i've done is do 2 races (in a field of 4 and 2 including myself), been put in my own lobby about 7 times, or been put in a lobby where the race has already begun, and breaks when the race ends. People should be held accountable for this "game" and the state in which you release it every single year
  13. I know its crazy to suggest but what Codemasters could actually do is build and release a game that isn't 80% broken in the first place?
  14. Relieved to see they've fixed the tree at the first Lesmo at Monza that was a peculiar shade of green. I can get on with enjoying the game now
  15. Looking forward to finding out what part of the game the new patch will break next week
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