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  1. KissMyAsthma99

    Racenet: Setting club livery's

    All sorted, thanks a lot :)
  2. KissMyAsthma99

    Racenet: Setting club livery's

    Thanks a lot for that, I'll see how I get on :)
  3. KissMyAsthma99

    Racenet: Setting club livery's

    Hi,New to the forums so be gentle with me! I've set up a club on Racenet but at the moment I am unable to invite any of my friends to be able to join, no idea how to solve this at the moment. Is there a help site for Racenet? Biggest thing though is that I can only set a logo for the team, I can not change the livery of the cars, and I don't like the one that has been set by Racenet, it's plain and boring. How do I go about changing the paint scheme?  Thanks!
  4. It happens to me all the time, getting hard to get a good impact rating now. I'm constantly having someone steam into the back of my car to use mine as a brake. It's the biggest downside to multiplayer.