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  1. I'm still a fan of Toca RD3.  I would love a multi-series track racing game from Codemasters with the touring cars you mentioned plus maybe Clio cup a few open wheel series would be great to, Formula Ford and a few mothers just like RD3.
  2. I agree generally that in-app purchases and DLC are wrong in principle.  Much better to pay for the whole game outright from the beginning and would also agree that a standalone BTCC game would be best but I just can't imagine Codemasters bringing one out.  Maybe MIlestone/Blackbean will pick it up as they seem to be getting a lot of the motorsport franchises these days. I play Real Racing 3 and GT Racing 2 on my tablet the maximum single transaction purchase is 69.99 GBP for both.  I have no idea who would want to pay that much to play a game on a tablet when full games on a P
  3. I know many gamers like to play a game from start to finish and then move on to the next but sometimes I just like to race and in the same way I like to play the upcoming English Premiership games on Saturday mornings I would also like to play (race) the upcoming circuits for the BTCC.  It means when I watch it I'm more familiar with the track and I then find that watching the races and playing the game both make each other experience more enjoyable. I used to and still do sometimes play Simbin's GTR and WTCC games but I find the balance between sim/arcade in the Codies games more to my
  4. I would happily pay the same as I pay the same as I paid for my pre-order PC version from ShopTo.net, £21.85, for a full BTCC car and track expansion pack because it's my favourite racing series, would you? Of course that would be more than it should cost but I'm just expressing how much I love BTCC.
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