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  1. I agree generally that in-app purchases and DLC are wrong in principle.  Much better to pay for the whole game outright from the beginning and would also agree that a standalone BTCC game would be best but I just can't imagine Codemasters bringing one out.  Maybe MIlestone/Blackbean will pick it up as they seem to be getting a lot of the motorsport franchises these days.

    I play Real Racing 3 and GT Racing 2 on my tablet the maximum single transaction purchase is 69.99 GBP for both.  I have no idea who would want to pay that much to play a game on a tablet when full games on a PC can be bought for a third of the price.  At least with Grid A you do start out with a complete game. 

    As for fixing bugs, it most certainly should be a priority but I would think that creating cars and tracks would be handled by different parts of the team.  Anyway it's good to hear some other opinions. 

  2. I know many gamers like to play a game from start to finish and then move on to the next but sometimes I just like to race and in the same way I like to play the upcoming English Premiership games on Saturday mornings I would also like to play (race) the upcoming circuits for the BTCC.  It means when I watch it I'm more familiar with the track and I then find that watching the races and playing the game both make each other experience more enjoyable.

    I used to and still do sometimes play Simbin's GTR and WTCC games but I find the balance between sim/arcade in the Codies games more to my liking and if I'm honest my ability.

    I have watched V8 Supercars and DTM but I think the number of manufacturers in BTCC and the 3 race/event format make it the most exciting and enjoyable for me.