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  1. Forza Motorsport 5 and Forza Horizon 2 are both great. Very polished, very professionally produced, and both work out of the box. What more can a man ask for?
  2. Will you be watching an comedy or tragedy? "Destroyed in Seconds"
  3. In two weeks time I will be
  4. I flatly refuse to join in the "pay now, get a working title six months later" format.
  5. Games companies love people like you (us). Thats why they happily sell you VIP passes and XP Doublers.
  6. Yeah I'm sorry too CM.  Cant wait for GAS on my Xbox One..............
  7. Yayyyyyy well done. Pity there's nobody left playing it.
  8. Good to hear the issues have been fixed. However I have this afternoon traded mine in at GAME and won't be returning to anything from CM in the foreseeable future. Sorry to say it but your quality control, customer support and after sales communications are dire, and I'm glad as I'm sure you are too that I'm outta here. Keep it shiny side up guys. Adios.
  9. Hey, it's Black Friday. If this was yesterday you'd only be getting 250,000 and there wouldnt be people fighting in the forums. Or possibly not.
  10. Maybe its not just the crashing thats the issue. Maybe its how the customer perceives the urgency and care applied to its resolve that makes the difference. Plus on software, we have a choice whether or not we apply updates and patches. On Xbox we are forced to download it or we cannot play the game. Then when we do the game no longer works. Minor issues can be ignored or worked around. Consoles freezing after one race is not a minor issue, it's a deal breaker.
  11. Careful mate, you just nearly accused CM of ignoring the needs of its customers.
  12. Very true, therein lies the problem. I feel like I've put a £50 deposit towards development on a game that might work one day. Moreover where is THE APOLOGY ??
  13. Damn it. Just as I'd given up hope on this developer and franchise and moved on to better things. My loss I guess.
  14. Sorry, Xbox froze while experimenting with it.
  15. 1) They want you to.  2) It'll promise to be the best racer ever and almost deliver. 3) The saved game bug will get fixed eventually. 4) Half decent trade-in value despite not working. 5) Makes you realise how well Forza games were coded 7 years previously. 6) You can join a lively debate on the forums with people with similar issues. A kind of AA meeting for troubled gamers. 7) The revenue raised will contribute to future R&D and testing on the PC version. 8) ok, so maybe not 7 9) The almost useless dlc will make up for the fact the core game is unplayable. 10) There is no 10
  16. It's for me n my sons. I'm imagining this is what cold Turkey feels like!!!
  17. I doubt it's going to get fixed fella. I'll get shot at for saying it, but it would have been fixed now if CM had any inclination at all as to what was causing it. One month to to go until I can open my Xbox One. I bet the fanboys and CM are more excited than I am.
  18. Yep, lets talk about the postitives. Shouldnt take long.
  19. My expectations of CM are low to a point that I'd never buy anything from them again. Even if PCars was a CM title I couldn't get excited by it. In my eyes they are a tarnished brand. I've learned a lot in the past five months, much of which makes great learning material for my own marketing team at work.
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