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  1. I'd put it in a language you can understand but I'd sooner spend the time doing something enjoyable like racing on games that work.
  2. Just raced online. First turn is a second gear corner. I'm on the racing line and some loon piles through me at about 130mph and puts me in the gravel. Flashback does nothing except remind me how crap this whole experience has been and still is. I'm disqualified. Go figure. Thank God for a Forza 4. Lesson learned.
  3. Could it be that the game was rushed out knowing the 360 and PS3 have limited shelf life?
  4. Because it's yet another "feature" that grinds my gears.
  5. ^^ Excellent post that sums up the way I feel too. Feels like every hour spent grinding on GAS is a) Unrewarding due to the pitiful XP awards b) Unrewarding due to the "feature" that doesnt allow me to tune cars in career mode c) Unrewarding due to the fact that in certain classes and disciplines, the AI drive concrete tanks that prefer to drive through the opposition rather than around them. d) Unrewarding due to the seemingly very high likelihood that all this grind with little reward is going to bite me when the save game corrupts. The whole GAS experience has left me feeling a bit hollow
  6. Might as well be. The graphics, physics, and car variety are completely different from GRID. You won't be racing it the same way. Donington Park itself has changed a bit since then. Dunlop and Starkey's bridges removed, Sparkplug commentary box removed from Schwantz Curve infield, and the esses at the end of the Exhibition Straight (National Circuit) have been moved back away from Goddards.
  7. Its about the only thing I didnt like about Forza 4. Racing against liveried cars in a stock road car with full interior. Mind you, the mirrors worked back then.
  8. Me neither and I'm so damn frustrated with various other aspects that I'm probably never likely to now.
  9. On the sticky thread regarding console patches it says the save game issue has been fixed. Now we're hearing that the problem is being dissected and a fix may not be possible? Hopefully I've misread that.
  10. Being forced to grind an uncompetitive car around 9 laps of Bathurst TWICE is not a good thing. It's a very bad thing. It's frustrating and in no way will make me appreciate the better cars which I'd no doubt he driving in three months time if I hadn't already declared this debacle a complete waste of my free time. The first season in C class was the best fun. It's gone terribly grindy and pear shaped since.
  11. Or maybe have working mirrors like they've had in proper racing games since the 90s.
  12. Thanks for the replies. Hmmmm a race team with a budget that doesn't allow it to change gear ratios. Hardly worth turning up at the circuit really. Kind of sums up my feelings I guess. Raced tourers in the previous season in A class. The AI was so aggressive and incompetent it made it impossible to complete a lap without being shunted off by their concrete cars. Struggling to get any enjoyment out of this if I'm honest. Too frustrating.
  13. Excellent. Another thing to add to the list of "who made that stupid decision?".
  14. Hi all. OK so I'm in career mode, season 9. I'm currently first in the championship in the Utes and we come to Mount Panorama. Sixth gear hits the rev limiter too early and everyone passes me on the back straight. I go to tuning to tweak the gears and find that all tuning sliders are greyed out. Why is this?!
  15. Great game. However, a few niggles spoiling it. 1) No mirrors. Who thought this was a good idea??! If I'm going to get rear ended in every online race I'd like to know who it is so I can thank them personally. 2) Online lobbies. Full of inconsiderate no hopers who find it acceptable to enter the first corner of every race with the throttle fully open. A problem also prevalent in a rival products online lobbies (Xbox 360 starts with F). Once that exclamation mark goes red, guilty parties should be assigned to a sin bin for one race. There is no fun to be had whatsoever from limping around
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