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  1. Flashback to October 24th. I'm assuming these were the early postive signs from QA Loore referred to 4 weeks ago.
  2. Seeing as my name has been specifically mentioned I'll chip in again with my two penneth. Flag me as Off Topic or Disagree, Report me as Spam, I don't care a monkey's. @Loore - The situation is this: On June 24th I bought a game from your employers with the sole intention of racing online. It is now November 19th (count the days - weekends excepted obviously) and I still cannot do that to a level of satisfaction that anyone except the most tolerant fan club member would deem acceptable. If you had sold me a car, a microwave, a radio, a TV, or a bicycle, and it didnt do the job it claimed to do
  3. Looks like realisation is starting to kick in..........
  4. They're the only company I've bought a game off in the last 30 years with issues so bad they're actually preventing me from playing it. That\s never happened before. Go figure.
  5. Assuming you work for CM? So, do much at work today?!
  6. Anything is a step up from this drawn-out debacle, even if it only freezes once a night !! GAME are doing £12 on trade-ins for GAS. It's £12 I wouldn't have had. Closure...... at last.
  7. Ive just bought an Xbox One! Adios Codemasters!! Off to play Forza 5. G'night.
  8. It doesn't even connect to other Xbox users for long so I doubt it......
  9. Looking at it from a customers point if view, and this is just my opinion, GAS looks rushed. I'm sure the devs can produce mirrors and detailed interiors, just looks to me like time ran out. Polygon modelled accurate dash or quick photoshop blurry effort That I can live with to a point. What is not acceptable is the length of time it's taking to fix the huge issues with basic playability.  If this gets taken forward in to their next gen releases, Cm are going to find themselves out of the marketplace at a rapid rate of knots. I think they're lucky as all eyes are now on next gen. if this
  10. You think? Even with their massive resource, GTA V online was a disaster when it first launched. Luckily, they had a lot more resources to fix it than Codemasters have (but we're still waiting on the Heist mode they promised we'd have by Spring 2014). Soon fixed it though didn't they? As a matter of priority. And its heists that are coming to the 360 and PS3.
  11. Or you could just buy Forza Horizon 2....... Available now. Doesn't freeze.
  12. It's the only racer I want to play. Its poxt. Worst gaming scenario I've known in 30 years. Pathetic performance all round. Could go down as the biggest unfulfilled potential of all time. Until Grid 4.
  13. There aren't any console fanboys on this forum dude. Just pissed-off ones with a £40 coaster gathering dust.
  14. It's not their fault mate. Its Microsofts, Xbox Live, the fall of Rome, the alignment of Jupiter and Gannymede, the assassination of Kennedy, Sepp Blatter, rising sea levels, the obesity crisis, and the sudden overnight reduction of memory and premature ageing in the 360 that's causing all of this. By the way, as a total aside, and I don't know why I'm even mentioning this, Rockstar are about to release A COMPLETE NEW GAME MODE in to GTA V on these "old consoles". They're putting it in to a game that already exploits every ounce of capability out of these "relics". How do they do it? I dunno,
  15. But then they would be selling us something that doesn't work and that would be terrible. oh hang on......
  16. Waiting for the inevitable "we've tested it and found the patch doesn't work" announcement. Probably in about a fortnights time. Give up mate, it's a load of pony.
  17. You're blurring the lines between commercial and critical success :)
  18. You mean this one hasn't? It has in our house.  Thats why me and my sons are back to playing Forza 4, Horizon, and NFS Rivals. My 10 ten year old hasnt been back to GAS since it froze on him the second time. He obviously doesn't get his persistence from me, who kept clinging on to the hope that one day it would work as one would expect. Even I have limits though. I keep coming back here to check to see if its fixed after trying to virtually give it away on Ebay but no-one took me up on it. If its fixed, (assuming anyone is still around playing it) I might even give it another go. Until th
  19. psssssst............ahem........ a bit like Turn 10 do..................... It works ya know!
  20. It only took my dad 2 weeks of patches to quit smoking after 30 years.........
  21. On a positive note I've just seen Forza Horizon 2 on the XBoxOne. Holy moly!! No prizes for guessing which ship I'm jumping on.
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