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  1. Is it balls. It would be working by now if it was ever going to. It's like the British Leyland of racing games. Doesn't matter if you stick fancy stripes and a walnut dash on it, it's still a poorly conceived bag of nails. Time to realise folks that we've been sold a donkey and not a racehorse. A donkey will never win at Epsom no matter how much you tell people you're thrashing it.
  2. JERRY! ..... JERRY! ..... JERRY! ..... JERRY!
  3. Over 4 months now Codemasters. 4 MONTHS !!!! You cannot be happy with that surely?
  4. Or buy an Xbox One and a racing game thats been well coded, tested and fixed.
  5. Nice to see the PC getting another patch today. If you ever see fit to drag yourselves back all those years to our era, please spare a thought to us veteran cheapskates contributing to your development funds on the Xbox 360 :) Talk about ginger stepchild syndrome.
  6. Mine usually turns up in the kids' bedroom. With flat batteries.
  7. I had two races on Monday night that saw 10 out of 12 players disconnected on the first turn. I took the wins, thankyavery much :) Put it down to a "racing incident".  Nice to be on the other end of one for a change !!!
  8. All in saying is that you guys make it seem like the game is unplayable, but still try to play it. I get that you paid money for it, but in its current state, you're better off just moving on until a patch arrives. Its called mindless optimism and desperately trying to form a justification for not sticking this coaster on Ebay. I still switch it on to see if by some minor miracle it's been fixed, then slink back in to my beanbag gaming chair knowing full well that within the next 15 minutes I'm either going to be disconnected or have to get up and hard reset the 360. No other game I have ow
  9. :) Best track in the world. Though I am slightly biased !!
  10. How about using some of the Touring Legends tracks? Time Trial around Donington perhaps?
  11. I got the impression from a post from @Loore earlier in the week that the patch was done and on it's way? Did anyone else think this? @RTAnoskills, I seem to remember you thanking him also. Or did I dream all of this?
  12. Welcome to the refridgerator dude. We're all on frozen 360s here my friend.
  13. Nope. What Steam does is keep your games up to date and lets you know of any offers on DLC or other games. No gaming experience is as easy as a console, just switch on and play.
  14. Depends how "old" ya console is.................
  15. I was in a lobby last night with 11 other racers. Race 1 Indianapolis - 10 disconnects by the time we reached turn 2 Race 2 - exactly the same! After that they all dissipated and I went on to play Battlefield instead. To lose 10 out of 12 racers twice is a joke.
  16. Because looking at how it's presented, it's obviously an afterthought. The two new tracks are the best in the game though.
  17. One day someone will release a stable racer with a fantastic paint shop, proper pit stops, pit boards, and warmup laps :)
  18. Maybe Mr Modder should send in his CV to CM?
  19. Good points raised. A good development team would work within those console "limitations" though and release a playable game with less eye candy, surely? Or am I missing the point here? Are balloons, moving grass, jumping crowds, particles and helicopters more important to the console gamer than a stable game? I'd say not.
  20. It didn't freeze this morning. Four races and no freezes. It was liberating.
  21. Couldn't care less tbh. It's got their logo on it, they should stand behind it. No one buys a console game in the mindset "it costs the same as the PC version, but I'm happy in the knowledge it'll be inferior in comparison and be fatally flawed, but hey that's the price I pay for being a tight wad". If  the console versions are knowingly inferior, charge less for them, or charge a premium for the superior PC version. Simple marketing principles guys.  I don't buy any of this "consoles are old" lark. That left a very bad taste with me. Anyone here old enough to remember Gerald Ratne
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