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  1. Looking forward to discovering what's broke next.
  2. Also, controllers are rubbish for typing long emails. :)
  3. BTCC at Brands Hatch, final round, race two. Mr. Plato's ambitious move up the inside of Colin Turkington.  :)
  4. There's some keyboards being used on here tonight
  5. I seriously recommend that some of the proceeds from GAS are ploughed into marketing training and customer service. Leaving one man to support a very disgruntled consumer base is a tough gig for Loore and I for one don't envy the bloke one bit. I suggest the upper management study the seven P's of marketing. Here's a few: Price - we've paid top dollar (ironically on an old console) for an unfinished product. People - the consumers. A lot of us aren't happy. Without customers you don't have a right to exist. Period. Youve also hinted that your own people are now busy on new products. That's
  6. @Loore‌  Thanks for keeping us informed. However we've been hearing for a while now that the team "think" or "believe" it "may" be a memory issue causing the freezes. Have the team been able to replicate the issues at your end, and subsequently, do they actually "know" what the issue is and know how to fix it?  Can you give us an idea if / when to expect a fix please?
  7. Consider this: A consumer can walk in to any games shop or supermarket today and buy GAS for £30 - £40. When he/she gets home they put in the disk and the game downloads the latest update patch. This then renders 50% of the game virtually unusable. How can this be right?
  8. Technical limitations ? its possible to add new tracks, new championships, new cars, and even whole new game modes to the game but it's technically impossible to change the order of playlist tracks? Yowzer.
  9. Oy! Don't bring me in to this!
  10. Always makes me laugh on Top Gear whenever Clarkson drives a car he drifts it. One would think with his years of experience he'd have learned to drive a car the proper way without sticking it's arse out on every bend!
  11. Thats me, right there, that is !!! :)
  12. I find they are a nice "fallback" when the playlists are empty. Minis around Spa are a good laugh at the moment. They virtually park up on the tight corner before the drop down to Eau Rouge!!
  13. Hey don't diss the Miglia at Spa ! The current Racenet Challenge is a blast !! :) (p.s. is it just me, or until june 24th 2014, did no-one ever call a Mini a Miglia???!!)
  14. It's same on the 360. Possibly because it's not part of Career I'm guessing?
  15. This promises to be better in so many ways. Close racing, all cars in proper race liveries (main bugbear of forza is the lack of race paint on AI cars in most classes). And it has Brands, Spa, and Donington :) Those three tracks alone show that CM know what motor sports fans like. Just want it to hit its potential before it's too late. I was in a playlist on Sunday night with some good clean racers using the Legends tracks. A real blast. Don't want that to die off because of some daft freezing issues.  P.s. I've never said I'm leaving the forums. I've said I've returned to playing other g
  16. Like compiling lists of everyone's stats. The hours must simply fly by :) Sorry, you're obviously narked because I used your data collection thread to slip in a bit of well-intended sarcasm (not at you I hasten to add). Apologies for that. I like my sub par console. I love how it runs GTA V a million times better and smoother than the technically superior PS3. I like how it's online service has something approaching a 100% uptime and doesn't shut down for weeks when it compromises my credit card details. I love how it's subpar Forza Motorsport 4 is still the current-gen defacto race game
  17. Dude, you are trying waaaaay too hard to be funny now. We get it. You can't play Grid. Nothing you post here is gonna change that. Not trying to be funny dude, just stating fact. Nothing funny about having £50 worth of game that I cant play. And I'll take every opportunity gifted to me to mention it (be it through the medium of rant, sarcasm, or humour - depending on how many freezes I've endured that day) until its fixed to my satisfaction. Suggest you do the same. Unless you're comfortable paying for broken stuff?
  18. Maybe the whole subject of online play, at this moment in time, is struggling to get people excited.
  19. Good point. As a Nottingham Forest fan, I've been guilty of trusting those videos too !!!!
  20. What's this got to do with this freezing thread?
  21. On the whole I agree CM have got a good formula. A nice balance between realism, accessibility, and close racing. Where they do fall way short though are quality control, presentation, and customer relations.
  22. Tried four races last night. All Tourers. 2 disconnects. 2 freezes on the entrants list screen.  Gave up.
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