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  1. Is anyone getting problems with disconnects also? It's the only online game I'm experiencing this.
    Seams every playlist I'm in there are at least two or three disconnects per race. This time it was me again. Really annoying as I was leading at the time. So many bloody frustrations with this game.
  2. If two wheels run off the kerb on to the grass/gravel then yes. Unless your name is Gordon Shedden. In which case it's perfectly acceptable to run a chicane with all four wheels off the track limits and not receive a penalty.
  3. Ok, raced in an online lobby tonight for two hours with no crashes or freezes. That's good.
    However, when I attempted to race the British Touring Legends career season the game froze on the Donington Park loading screen. Seems the freezes are not unique to online play after all. Not good.
  4. no, mate. I'm just someone who appreciates the hardwork it is to develop a game.

    GTA5 got sorted quickly because Rockstar's budget is probably 10x bigger than Codemasters. is like comparing Mercedes F1 with Marussia F1 teams. same category but different budgets.

    moaning will not make Codemasters sort out things quicker. insulting them will not help either. my only point is that there should be a little bit more respect towards the devs. many comments in this forum are just way over the limit of respect.
    As a former developer myself I also appreciate just how much work goes in to a commercial product. I worked in a team of 7. Our first product was two years in the making. When customers found bugs, we stayed up late, worked weekends and we made sure we fixed them. We existed on coffee, adrenalin, and pride in our work because our income depended on all of it. Without the feedback we got and the support of our loyal customers, we couldn't have existed.
    Couldn't care less about Rockstar's budget. The retail price is the same, I expect the same quality and support for my £40 thankyouverymuch.

  5. many racing games don't have mirrorsName me a GOOD racing game in the last few years that didnt have mirrors (i.e. one that people actually play)

    many games (not just racing) have bugs and network issues
    - And they get fixed quickly and efficiently as a matter of urgency. Look at GTA V and how quickly that got sorted.

    many games have even more rip-off DLCs
     - Correct, but usually for games that are working.

    people are never happy nowdays... - They aren't when they are being taken for mugs. Being spoon-fed crap.
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