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  1. Is there a "stop it freezing mod" ? Not that it needs one as the PC version appears to be the golden child of the family. Whereas we are left holding the runt.
  2. PC users' £40 is worth far more than ours obviously. The stink in here is getting more intense.
  3. As is the cost of a console compared with a decent PC.
  4. Oh gawd no! You mean I'm going to have to go on the penicillin as well as clearing my cache?!!!
  5. The online freeze issue is affecting everyone on the 360. I found it within 2 minutes of receiving the patch, as did many others! According to CM though some people may not have received the patch yet due to world time differences, which may be causing the issue. I had a freeze today, four days after release, so I'm assuming I was in a lobby with players from Saturn or Pluto.
  6. Correct. It must make sense to someone somewhere. Someone who's never played a computer game possibly.
  7. After watching race 2 of today's BTCC, it would appear that Jason Plato's MG also has the XBox freeze issue on the entrance to Paddock Hill Bend.
  8. Really? A bug that stops us playing online unless we are willing to reboot the Xbox several times in one session? I've certainly never played or owned any other game like that. It may very well end up being a small bug, as in a small piece of code at fault. It is however a monumental balls-up in the grand scheme of customer relations. let me put it another way - 3 and a half months down the line and we still cannot enjoy this to its full potential due to poor testing and poor QC. Its a a rubbish state of affairs.
  9. Morning all. Just a quick question as I am no expert on these matters. As Xbox 360 users who can no longer enjoy the online experience, where do we stand regarding consumer rights? Are we entitled to a refund as the game is no longer fit for purpose, owing to the freeze issues since the patch release last week? Not trying to start of a storm here, I'm curious. Seeing as the game and addons I bought are no longer fit for purpose I would be very interested in putting this whole experience behind me and getting a full refund.
  10. And if you ever find a lobby that uses them (unlikely) you'll most likely end up staring at a frozen screen anyway.
  11. Remember TT Superbikes on the PS2? Great great game! Bombing around the IOM TT course on the JPS Norton. Pity Jester Interactive no longer with us. I bet they could work up a great touring car racer.
  12. According to CM's blog - "We’ve been tinkering with VR for a while now and have reached the stage where we believe it’s working ..." Is this the same reassuring QA process that precedes a patch release?
  13. The silence suggests I've discovered something else quite simple I can't do in GAS.....
  14. What things holding them back? Quality Control or Testing?
  15. That's because it would appear to us mere consumers that all of the development and patch fixing goes in to this platform. I'm happy the PC version is great, that's brilliant. Maybe I should invest a grand in a new PC setup so I can join in the fun, buy GAS for PC (they'd love that), and come here to congratulate the authors on their code mastery. Or maybe not. We, on the 360, are left feeling somewhat peeved, still without a playable online experience, at least £40 shy, and in a very very pissed off frame of mind.
  16. Saturday. Midday. One custom lobby available. Street racing around Chicago in Veyrons. No ta. I switched it off. Almost fun while it lasted. My ten year old son just asked a pertinent question - "why play this when we have Forza?" A question he also asked me on June 25th.  This game had so much potential to be THE HOLY GRAIL of racers on the 360. It's s turned out to be the Holy Shroud of Turin of 360 racers. Massive shame.
  17. Try racing online and then come back and tell us how golden this is! @Loore‌  how many people you got working Saturday to fix this please? Some of us have paid your employers good money to enjoy racing at weekends.
  18. Never had any issues with Forza 4 apart from custom paint jobs going corrupt. Forza 4 still has a very active online race community.
  19. I have no confidence in their ability to sort this. Sadly, I doubt I'll still be playing it when they get around to proving me wrong. On a positive note, you'll all soon be able to buy the Drag pack. Been pretty much an uphill drag since June 24th.
  20. I've given up. I have lost all desire / patience to keep trying to play this heap of badly written junk. If this were FIFA, you'd be appearing on Watchdog by now. £55 out of pocket and still no game to play. You've fleeced me CM. This will never happen again I can assure you of that. 
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