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  1. Anyone else given up hope yet? I'm miffed because on Monday I recommended to friends to buy GAS so we could race online, moving on from Forza 4. Now the online play constantly freezes and I'm left looking like a prat. I've never known such a farcical chain of broken "fixes" in a software product. I feel like I've been conned into a very expensive beta trial and its most likely going to leave a very bitter and enduring taste. Codemasturs, this is not good form. 
  2. Add it to the massive list dude.
  3. Thats great news for drag fans. I hope this attitude will be continued onto the next game the "Grid team" makes.   Just keep putting it back until its 100%   -   Id rather wait and have working games/DLC. Incorporate DLC into online playlists, WITHOUT  forcing people into separate DLC custom cups. Not remotely interested in drag racing though,  LOL    It is good to see your not happy with something and your not putting it out, because of a deadline.  Either that or MS / Sony have insisted on it !! :)
  4. I'm guessing it will be in the patch that will fix the patches that patched the original patch.......... More patches than Elmer the Elephant here.
  5. Same problem here. Freeze ups on the entrants screen prior to an online race. It's a joke. It was playable before yesterday. Getting bored with waiting for this game to fulfill it's potential now. The fact that I can race offline around Donington in a classic touring car race is the only thing stopping the thing going on Ebay.
  6. Hi all, On Split Screen on the Xbox 360, is there an option to choose which tracks to race rather than the random selection? The kids would love to race around Donington / Silverstone together but currently cannot find a way to do so!
  7. As opposed to the calm, professional, and lag-free performance we get from 12
  8. To give new customers the benefits of us early adopters beta testing it for three months.
  9. There should be an inquiry in to the number of potty mouthed racers in the playlists. Fed up of hearing people effing it all the time!!
  10. So, let me get this right. I've bought the Touring Legends DLC, and all I can do with it is the three career championships? Wish I'd have know this before I shelled out over ten quid. Donington and the Alfas are  great but already I'm feeling as though the fun may be short lived.
  11. And it still looks so gorgeous!! Typical Alfa!
  12. Why can't the online servers detect what tracks the racers in the lobby have installed on their systems? That way if we all have the dlc tracks we can use them in the rotation. I probably make it sound simplistic, but it cant be that hard to do surely?
  13. That really made me laugh out loud !!! I was online the other day and all you could hear in the background was a baby crying, a woman shouting, and two people discussing what pizza toppings they were ordering!!! AAARRRRGGHHHHHHHHH !!!!!
  14. More to the point, who has used a mousemat since 1998 ?? What did the next guy win, a pack of VHS tapes?!
  15. Another video!! Weekend starts here folks!! Wooooooohoooooooooo!!
  16. RTAnoskills said:If it was just a racing incident, why was the reply to my message "ok ur angry because im better"  Do you PM every racer after every minor racing incident? Why not heed your own advice which you gave to me a couple of weeks ago - don't throw your toys out of the pram and just go to another lobby (where everyone drives at the same world class standard as yourself). Better still, why not befriend the clean guys and setup private lobbies where the noobs won't get on your boobs. That way you get to enjoy yourself more, chill a little.
  17. On Sunday, in the BTCC at Rockingham, at least 3 former champions finished in the "noob zone" by your reckoning.  I'm sure they'd be delighted to hear it (once they've finished their roll-ups) :) Maybe Giovanardi or Mat Jackson should get a "Best Newcomer" award ?
  18. Bit of a difference between a bin and a "love tap". I have an idea. Maybe we should have those "keep 2 chevrons apart" things on the track like on the M1 motorway.
  19. OK, so every time a car makes contact in BTCC or WTCC they should be penalised? The pitlane would be a very busy place in that case, and Gordon Shedden, Jason Plato, Matt Neil, and Dave Newsham would be unemployed. And it would be as boring as hell, a bit like this thread. If you want clinical boring processional racing with endless stewards enquiries and zero contact, go play open wheel. Then you do have a case for complaint if you get hit. You race tin tops, there's contact and rub, it's a part of touring car racing.  If it offends you so much PLEASE go and play F1 instead of littering
  20. But the guy driving the car that "lost control" says he didnt lose control, and was hit, and the bang thats heard, was the hit.   OK, we will take a short break for the jury to reconvene and then we will ask them back in to the court room to offer their verdicts.
  21. Looking at how that helicopter is beating a hasty retreat, my money is on him having something to do with it. Tyre sniper?
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