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  1. Incredible as it sounds, yes it is. Tomorrow we've got a video of a car not spinning on a kerb to look forward to and debate.
  2. A couple of weeks ago the OP had a go at me in these forums when I dared to complain about 1st corner ramming online.  Which is why I'm really struggling to take this thread at all seriously, as you may have noticed.
  3. I had a mate once who struggled to differentiate computer games from real life. Poor bloke spent 20 hours solid playing Manic Miner on the ZX Spectrum. Not a problem until he broke both ankles and flooded the whole house after jumping in to the toilet, thinking it was a time portal.
  4. No....will that help? Yes. They have a special unit set up for reporting hit n run drivers in computer games. It's why I stopped playing GTA V. Got to 9 points on my licence and was worried I'd lose my job or have to travel around Los Santos on public transport.
  5. In all honesty I can't see what GAS has given us over the rival title Forza 3, a game released in 2009. I'd be delighted to hear it from anyone, but for the life of me I'm struggling to think of anything I've experienced in GAS that makes me think progress has been made in the genre at all. It all feels a bit "Poundland" compared with Harrods. Mind you, if they do release Donington as DLC I may change my mind :)
  6. FIA F1 Driving Protocol 20.7 - Any instances of overtaking will result in disciplinary action. Races should only be won by the team with the smartest pit stop strategy, cleverest spreadsheets, or Italian red paintwork.
  7. That should be "too" not "to". Too damn good an opportunity to miss was that!!! :)
  8. If the save issue is fixed as well as the kamikaze AI, I'm gong to be a very happy bunny.
  9. According to their website CM employs 500 people. If only 1 of them works on GAS, with a 499 strong  team, the next version of F1 should in theory be bug-free which would be some consolation.
  10. I've heard if you stand on one leg at the top of a stepladder in just your underpants while the game saves it does not corrupt. The XBox must also be the only appliance plugged in to your mains outlets. I've also heard this could be the official fix, though it may be far fetched.
  11. Be patient folks. I spoke to Lord Lucan yesterday and he assured me he is personally overseeing it.
  12. Its the biggest con job since the Turin Shroud. We've all been had.
  13. don't need to be a software engineer to write one these days either
  14. A series of games that gets better? Are you in the right forum?! :-)
  15. What do you like about the AI The way they make mistakes occasionally. Close competitive racing. What don't you like about the AI Being punted off the track on the last corner by some dick in a Ravenswest car even though I've led for 9 laps and am on the racing line. What would you improve with the AI Allow them to space out more instead of being in one long train of cars. Bigger talent / time differential between the top guys and the also-rans. Actually make them intelligent, i.e. not career in to me at every oppurtunity.
  16. Maybe this will be the content of the patch? A convoluted list of instructions / button presses on how to exit the game, complete with prayers and fairydust?!!! :smiley: 
  17. I cant help wondering how things would have turned out differently if this had been Forza 5 on the launch of the XBoxOne. Cant see Microsoft letting Turn10 let that slide for two months somehow. Even though MS rejected the patch (as it looked to potentially create as big a problem as it was intended to fix), I'm amazed they allow the product to be contined to be sold bearing their name and logo. CM have a huge task ahead. Not only to fix alot of coding wrongs, but also to regain the faith and trust of the cosumer base that keeps them in business. I suggest they start by giving serious re-consi
  18. It's not like the leaderboard times can be trusted anyway. Take it with a bag of salt.
  19. Loore did such speak. It was he who told us the patch was rejected. It was rejected because it did not fix the save game issue.
  20. Console GPUs cannot handle mirrors?! They coped wonderfully in Forza Motorsport 4. Well, my 360 hasn't caught fire yet anyway.
  21. Of course I know there are crashes on Forza. And don't call me "pal". Unless you're happy to be called "patronising" in return? What I don't understand is why after I got wiped out by this player, the car was stuck in the gravel, I couldn't engage gear and was then disqualified for my efforts to rejoin the race.
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