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  1. I earned 435,000 for Week 2... I think they're ALOT harder this week, its almost as if they have made these ridiculously hard as a test...
  2. A poll never lies lol. Touring cars is the best, then street. Both have the best variety. http://youtu.be/UCL34PnbsbU
  3. I just hope theres no drifting coz i suck so bad at that...
  4. What does everybody think to this weeks challenges? Im really struggling with the Lola to pass the field quickly enough to begin to put in fast laps. It seems to be the same for the Endurance and Party mode too, the AI players just bully me off the track and brake waaaaay too early which means I have to go stop with them, go wide (or off the track) or plough into the back of them... any thoughts? I managed to get platinum on the others (videos below if anybody interested)  Tuner: http://youtu.be/O3FC_Or_KdEStreet: http://youtu.be/5U0Pt6WjeM8 Touring: http://youtu.be/mSxlVx6UqCYEndurance:
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