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  1. same exact issue here for me. I have to run in csl 2.5 compatabilty mode to get around this issue with the pedals connected directly to the wheelbase
  2. I am seeing the same, online it stinks because you cannot restart but if you do an event and restart it or do one shot locally again after a restart the issue is not there.
  3. I agree, I think that the slip stream is ok.  Its powerful when DRS is opened, but that's also because you can utilize 8th gear.
  4. You'd think that... but pad users are having to use 11-7 wings just to counter the understeer, which is also bad for tyre wear. so while we can get off the line faster, wheel users will have higher top speed. its swings and roundabouts.  People are only crying about it because they feel like they are disadvantaged. No one is crying. We're just demanding EQUAL conditions. Equal turn-in. Equal TC. We should not be discussing whether pros and cons are even because it won't be the same for every track. Quote agreed, that would fix everything.
  5. Depending on the track for each one, it is absolutely true!  A user can just make it not quite as bad depending on their skill, but if hypothetically each were equally as fast, it would then come down to which track suited each controller type. There's pros and cons to each.  I am a wheel user and I must say that the car feels great.  They messed up with pad handling in my opinion.  I can see from the videos that the car turns like a boat on pad and that the pad does have a traction advantage.  However it also still have a steering assist in that it will give you the
  6. The car tiers should be: Mercedes Williams, Red Bull Ferrari, Mclaren, Force India, Toro Rosso Lotus, Sauber Marussia, Caterham Although Ferrari depending on the track can probably be up with Williams and RedBull as well.
  7. Turn on traction control assist.  (I know, your pride will take a hit, but until the patch this is a quick fix) Has a patch been confirmed?
  8. Definitely happening on all wheels.  There's somehow bumps of force feedback that must have been left on the track by accident?
  9. This also happens on many other tracks off of the racing line.  I have felt it in Malaysia, Bahrain, and a few others.  Settings environmental effects make you lose the feel of the curbs though doesn't it?  Not a good solution in the least bit.  But yes, Austria seems to be the track where it is very bad!
  10. That   That is exactly what I have to do as well... and I am not slow either, I am usually inside the top 50 in TT times.  They have to decrease AI traction, and that will fix the majority of the issues with speed in Career Mode.  Make the AI have some balls, have them brake a little later, but then decrease their traction.
  11. What car are you playing with, and in what game mode are you playing? In TT I am in the 1:24s and 1:25s, but online equal I am 1:26s.  In career mode its a whole different story and it all depends on what car you are in.  But at the start of the career mode the cars are very underdeveloped. You really have to balance the throttle in the 3rd sector in Melborne.  That final turn is rough, so I put it up into 4th, and give it barely any throttle, maybe like 15-20 percent.
  12. Yep its all about the traction.... they need to make it so the AI has less of it, and all of the issues will be fixed.
  13. No doubt, i have the same pad you have. And was really good in the last games but now is totally wrong in all terms. Also the steering is totally ridiculous...the 45 degrees lock kill pad players in fast corners and change directions is way worst than ever. I start to play with a wheel and also have the traction problems. All inputs have tragic problems. - Much less traction in wheels, wet crazy bug - Ridiculous wheel lock angle in fast corners for pads, the car "don't want to turn" - Traction 10x stronger in keyboards. I do a comparative video in the last days and is noticeable all this thing
  14. The problem is that the AI doesn't suffer traction issues, and when the car is under developed its impossible to keep traction.  I started my career with Force India, and the Hulk is flirting with top 5s a good 1s better a lap. I was feeling that I just wasn't any good until I saw Noble on youtube.  He is also doing a Career on Youtube and is one of the best Drivers of the game, and he was struggling just as I was.  https://www.youtube.com/user/ARLNoble/videos Its alot better if you pick a top team because they don't struggle as much with traction, but if you pick a lower ti
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