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  1. Psychopirate

    GRID Autosport Feedback

    Please fix the replays. They flip every 3 seconds from normal camera view (like watching a race on television) to quarter panel chase and lead cameras (these block most of the view with static boring pictures of your car body).  I was hoping you would fix it from the terrible Grid 2 camera which spend 1/2 the time looking up at stupid sky scrapers but now it still quickly cuts like a Michael Bay movie.  All I want is normal tv camera view so I can see my car and the cars immediately behind and in front of it. That is where the action is. Not looking through the window at the driver or staring at 1/2 a screen of quarter panel (and I use 3 monitors). Oh and also the ability to pan around your car then you can set up your own chase or lead camera if that is where the pass or crash happened. Other games do this, surely it isn't that hard.   You have programmed beautiful game but the replay camera does not do it justice.   If you want a tip just look at Dirt 2. The replays are beautiful. I watch every race and the action is never missed I just rewind , slow mo and pivot the camera at the action.
  2. I found the force feedback in Grid 2 terrible and is the main reason I didn't play it much. It would jerk violently left and right for no reason and ruined the game.  I was very pleased when I found this was remedied in Autosport. I use a G27.
  3. Psychopirate

    Frames Estimate

    I know this is a difficult question but didn't know how else to search for an answer. I was wondering how many average FPS should I expect in Grid Autosport with the following system. CPU: Intel i5-4460 RAM: 4Gb Video Card: 7870 (GPU 1050 MHz, RAM 1250 MHz) Resolution: 6080 x 1080