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  1. More stages is a given.. if not, then:
  2. KingOfTheCakes

    What is the next GRID-Game you want?

    Imo, "GRID Touring Cars" should be their next project, with the same kind of classifications and difficulty Dirt Rally has. But a sequel to TRD3 would be alright too, with better handling obviously. That game was huge!
  3. KingOfTheCakes

    AI speed in racenet challenges

    The handling, cars and tracks are all fine, career mode could've been better if we weren't playing as a rented driver. That review is a bit harsh. I don't think this game is worse than Grid 2, however it's glitches and bizarre AI have killed my experience with this game, so I struggle to recommend it to people.
  4. KingOfTheCakes

    AI speed in racenet challenges

    Not only is their speed annoying, but adding AI makes leader board times biased, not everyone will have the help of slipstreaming during their fastest lap. (Which in G:AS is super effective), I managed to place very high one time thanks to slipstreaming someone on a straight. No hopes of a patch to get rid of the AI, but here's hoping the next game won't have them. Just keep it like Grid 2 where's it's purely time/score based.
  5. KingOfTheCakes

    What is your favorite Discipline in GRID AUTOSPORT?

    Touring for me, just because the car selection seems to be better. Not everything just being one car per class. Open Wheel is second, Street being third.
  6. KingOfTheCakes

    Most difficult Grid of the series

    G:AS is the most difficult as far as the Single Player goes, but for the wrong reasons. *cough* Dirty AI *cough* last lap rubber banding *cough* Btw, I played with max. difficulty settings. (Except without forced cockpit)
  7. KingOfTheCakes

    Codemasters blame xbox live

    It's ridiculous now. All I want to do is reach lvl 250 and then call it a day for online, but with all these freezes (which results in me going off to play Wreckfest instead because I get so pissed off), that's not going to happen. Lobbies aren't as busy since the latest patch came out either. ...I use the term "patch" loosely here.
  8. KingOfTheCakes

    Grid/Codemaster's killer

    I don't think it's fair to compare Grid to P-Cars, as it's current gen. When (or if) Grid gets a current gen release, then the battle can begin.
  9. KingOfTheCakes

    G:AS not working properly... once again

    If they're moving over from Forza 4, then they should be used to freezes if they play online, heh. Every time I go online there, my session usually finishes with a crashed lobby. Here's hopinh CM don't give up as easily as Turn10 does with their glitches...
  10. KingOfTheCakes

    G:AS not working properly... once again

    The game seems to work fine offline. At least one half is functioning well, heh.
  11. *sigh* Just done a three hour session on Grid, and the game crashed on me eight times when either loading or selecting cars. I guess we'll have to wait for another patch. I just hope that offline still works since the patch. Otherwise this game is going back onto my shelf, collecting dust... again. *goes off to play Wreckfest*
  12. KingOfTheCakes

    October 7th 2014 Xbox 360 patch.

    I've had a couple freezes too, the game has frozen on me every time I try to access this week's Racenet drift event. :/ On the upside, the 500k came at a perfect time for me. Now I can get myself an Indycar. Thanks CM!
  13. KingOfTheCakes

    Cat C vs. Touring Car Legends

    I much prefer the selection of cars in TL, it reminds me of the revival meeting they have at Silverstone every year. Good to watch! Just a shame that the game still thinks that I don't have this pack for online! It's Grid 2 all over again... -___-
  14. KingOfTheCakes

    Brakes ,what are they ?

    I think, in G:AS at least, that the extremely effective slip streaming doesn't help the braking situation when it comes to online. 9 times out of 10 I get punted in the arse at an end of a straight because of this I'm sure. This doesn't really happen to me often in any other racing games. I only think this because it used to catch me off guard when I started.
  15. KingOfTheCakes

    GRID AUTOSPORT REVIEW // Vote in your score!

    - 5: Frustratingly dirty AI drivers on the hardest difficulty. - 5: Not allowing me to enter DLC playlists when I have the required pack(s)! - 5: Ridiculous last lap rubber banding on Ravenwest drivers when they're really behind, and not giving us extra XP for doing longer races Online or off. - 5: Poor playlist layout design. (Letting players with the most lobby points start at the front always, and also repetitive track voting. Both areas should've been randomised.) - 5: Corrupted File dilemma. I know this is over and done with, but I want my game to work properly, always. Edit: Don't get me wrong, I'm glad I bought this game as I'm still going back to it, it's just feels like a game that needed a bit more polishing and better design choices.