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  1. BarryB

    F2 2021

    Formula has the option to have 22 drivers on the grids as there are 11 teams. My question is, that if we have 22 drivers, will there still be room for spectators. As a racing league we need to know because we stream and commentate on races. It's quite essential.
  2. BarryB

    F2 2021

    @PJTierneyCould you please clarify something for me? In online lobbies (Formula 2), can we have 22 drivers + spectators or just 22 players in general in the lobby?
  3. BarryB

    F2 2021

    Samaia getting his first ever points in F2 after two years, good for him
  4. BarryB

    F2 2021

    This is pretty much spot on.
  5. BarryB

    F2 2021

    It’s not just the liveries. There’s a big difference in race weekend format compared to 2020, which is way more important than how the cars look.
  6. At the time of the game release it was very clear which tracks would be or wouldn’t be in the game. So there’s zero reason to complain about something you knew that wouldn’t be in the game when you bought it.
  7. 1) The loading of the settings is for the lobby settings you've saved, not the track list. 2) You're blaming Codies for people not joining your lobby? Maybe make some friends online or set the lobby settings to something others want. There's enough things to improve on this game, especially on multiplayer, but no need to bad mouth them for things they're not doing wrong.
  8. I think most members don't even know who they are. It's been a while since their glory days.
  9. Although this would work technically, you'd be creating a very big negative side effect; even poorer driver behavior. If there's no penalty involved drivers will try anything.
  10. Sorry, but you're on the F1 2020 forum mate. Need to go to the F1 2021 one
  11. I fully agree, we should have a ladder system where yo start in F3 and can build your way up to F1. Just like they do now when starting in F2. They flawed it way too much as no matter where you finish you can still go to any team you like, but the idea behind the ladder system is good.
  12. Thank you for the explanation, makes it all much more understandable. I hope EA/Codemasters sees this as an opportunity to gain more players in South Korea.
  13. Well than lets say the update will most likely be there on Tuesday and maybe even on Monday
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