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  1. I’d probably brake my fingers if I tried manual gears on a pad. I don’t get how people do that. However As Ultra said, take your assists off one by one. Since you’re already on manual gears and medium traction control your next step should be taking TC fully off. And yes you’ll be slower in the beginning and probably make much more mistakes, but once you’ve got the hang of it you’ll be much quicker.
  2. I always find the dlc from the F1 games not interesting enough to spend money on. If they’d release legends in dlc however, that could be interesting.
  3. BarryBL That is, not me. I pay for the game. And with all the nonsense @BarryBL has to endure in here, I hope he gets compensated very well 😉
  4. Given the information we have (or lack off) it seems like there was a SC situation. When the SC is out you can’t serve a drive through
  5. Pretty obvious yes. Lots of new joiners that only come here to be in the beta and cry and complain instead of trying to help making things better. In a few months they’re all gone and the oldies like us will stay and try to contribute with detailed bug reports like we always do.
  6. It’s pretty simple why this game will be and stay a sim/arcade and won’t turn into just one of them. It attracts the biggest audience and thus bigger sales opportunities. Nothing wrong with that as that’s just how things work.
  7. What would happen if.... 1) He would be replaced by another driver. On short term by an available well known like Fittipaldi or Grosjean. On the long term to the highest bidder. 2) HAAS would get in financial trouble, so a (partial) sale or attracting another driver with extremely deep pockets is likely to happen. Another option is finding a major sponsor, which could lead to fraud companies being on the car like we’ve seen before. 3) If they fail to attract any of the named possibilities at option 2 they will leave F1.
  8. That is a brilliant pun, well played on that one
  9. We will certainly see more races being cancelled this year, no question about that. And we will probably see some other tracks being added as well as possibly some double GP’s as too. If we have 20 GP’s in total we should be happy. The demands for having every GP in the 2021 game is just unrealistic as the calendar can and will change a few more times this year.
  10. Isn't it a bit late for a wishlist when a game is about to go in beta?
  11. Stop comparing time trial with Quali conditions, it's not the same.
  12. I think it makes more sense to expand the F1 series with the F3 series and have a career start there and then move your way up from F3, to F2 and then to F1. Adding any other series is unlikely to happen.
  13. Are you on about the regional pricing? Because that's just EA policy where Codemasters has no influence on.
  14. BarryB


    John Newhouse is what they made of it, right?
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