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  1. Platform: Steam Country: Canada Place where error was encountered: Events and Clubs Kind of error: "Connection Failed, Server Not Available" (Error code ending in 3c-58) Edit: working now
  2. It seems that AI cars start fully upgraded, while the player starts with a slower car that gradually gets faster as you earn upgrades. So I would say stick with it on Legend and eventually you will have a fast enough car to win. In the meantime use it as a challenge to push yourself - I bet some of the aliens out there can beat the AI even in the start of career. If you can't catch your teammate try to race the lower teams, see if you can finish in the points, etc. 
  3. I was looking for a "long" weekend with short quali too. Sometimes 3 rounds of qualifying is a bit much if I just want to get to the race, but I still need the practice session to get up to speed.
  4. Off-topic, but why are you changing your fuel mix during your flying lap?
  5. Guys is your framerate at or above 120 fps? There is a well-known problem in the past few F1 games, you can't let your framerate get too high or it screws up the FFB. You can test it by turning on vsync, although a better long term solution is to limit the framerate using something like Nvidia Inspector (because vsync causes lag). For wheel settings resetting when you start the game: when you start up the game and it says "Press Start", you have to press a button on the controller you want to use to get past this. If you press enter it will default to keyboard control. On my G27 it's button 3
  6. I agree about the AI issues. Speed in the wet, first lap performance and tire wear need to be looked at. Also the AI absolutely refuses to pass you. It's pretty ridiculous to have an AI 0.5s behind you lap after lap, through all the DRS zones, without ever even attempting a pass. This is on expert difficulty, I'm not sure if it gets better on legend.
  7. That wasn't the issue, the problem was that your wall of text didn't contain any sentences.
  8. Thanks that's good to know! I found an article backing this up: http://www.wired.com/2014/05/f1-drivers-skills/ I guess I'm stuck with the wheel spin then. It's not so bad on the "fully developed" cars in time trial etc, but it's a nightmare at the start of career.
  9. This makes me suspicious that there's a bug with the rear tire temperatures. There's no way they could be cold when they're spinning all the time. And he always tells you to warm them up, how are you supposed to do that if hard acceleration doesn't do it?
  10. I've played a lot of racing games and simulators and I've never seen the amount of rear wheel spin that's in this game. Even in 4th the rear will slide out with the slightest amount of steering input at full throttle. Is this what's it's like for the real-life F1 drivers this year?  Recently I've started playing with medium traction control in career mode and I find it a lot less frustrating. But generally I like to play with realistic settings so if the wheel spin is realistic I'd rather get used to it. I use a G27 on PC by the way.
  11. I made a little mod to turn all reverse tracks into normal forward tracks, because I don't like driving the wrong way on real circuits. To do this I simply had to modify some folders.  For example, in this directory: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\GRID Autosport\tracks\locations\circuits\brands_hatch\ There are folders called "route_0", "route_1" and so on. I deleted route_1, then made a copy of route_0 and renamed it to route_1. Now when I load up Brands Hatch GP Reversed in the game it's the normal GP circuit, not reversed. I was happy to get this working, and implemented
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