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  1. Star wars battlefront.......AMAZING. All of these games are going to destroy my PC :P
  2. I probably cried 94432 times during the walking dead games. Dunno which one is sadder, S1 finale or S2. (Won't spoil it :P) 
  3. Well, it's been a while! How has everyone been? Only 2438 notifications!! :D 
  5. wow I have only been gone for a few days and I have received tons of notifications :P 
  6. Hope this race is as good as the gp2 race that just finished, that race reminded me of the 2012 monaco gp.
  7. Yeah true :P If it is good then I might get it. But that's what I say about most cods, unfortunately 
  8. Here at Thailand, games are around $40. Way to over the top at Aus. :/
  9. I hope I don't get the new cod game, lol. 
  10. Beautiful day today, dark blue sky. Too bad it's hot :( Going back to Aus for winter so that should cool me down a bit hopefully :D
  11. Not surprised about that :P Even when he got disqualified from Aus, he was still smiling XD
  12. I don't see Rosberg as a tier 2 driver. Hes in F1!!!!!!!
  13. I think 2014 is really interesting in the mid pack :) Also, the top 2 is also really battling it out for the wins. It really depends on who will get the final podium spot. Unless Mercs have technical issues of coarse.
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