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    2014 Formula 1 UBS Chinese Grand Prix

    Good job lotus, great pick! I am predicting Merc to win again, and the Merc powered cars to finish not far behind :D
  2. Tylerrnty1

    Latest Movie/Tv show you watched

    Couger you will like sherlock :D Movie: Non StopTv show: GOT s4e2 
  3. I found out the forums were alive on VRL, we were waiting for months :P
  4. Good to have the forums back up :)
  5. Tylerrnty1

    F1 2014 Trophy/Achievement Suggestion Thread

    "Damn!"Disconnect from an online race while leading "I am going to need a bandage"Disconnect from a league racing while leading "yesyesandyesagain"Win in GPmode with Seb "multi21 mate"Overtake your teammate in the closing stages of a race "More Sponsor money, please"Break your front wing while playing as Maldonado "7up!"Overtake 7 or more cars on the first lap of an online race "Thanks!"Overtake the leader on the final lap of a race! "We did it boys"Win the Drivers World Championship
  6. Tylerrnty1

    The Game Thread!

    Black Flag is AMAZING!! I really recommend the game. I also prefer Battlefield to the newer COD games, but instead of those 2, you should also try Infamous. Looks amazing! :D
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    What do you want in F1 2014? GAME IDEAS

    Another thing I would like is to be able to customize our own helmets. Also, as ChokDK said, being able to invite people into the lobby while in game. This would be great because people sometimes disconnect during league races and it can get annoying if they keep disconnecting :D
  8. Tylerrnty1

    The Debate/CMV Thread

    I do NOT understand why they are doing it there.....I mean, who the hell watches football there? And also, where is the football atmosphere? Oh wait, it's not bloody there! If you go to brazil, for example, it is filled, absolutely filled with football fans.....They just do it for the bloody money. 
  9. Tylerrnty1

    World Racing Leagues

    Really recommend racing here. Where I won my first championship ;)
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    Happy bday mate!
  11. Tylerrnty1


    16th of September :D 
  12. Tylerrnty1

    Anime & Manga Thread Vol. 1

    One Piece is absolutely incredible!
  13. Tylerrnty1

    The Game Thread!

    Thanks for posting it anyway :D
  14. Tylerrnty1

    The Game Thread!

    If anyone wants to do some races on psn or play some steam games or whatever, you know who to add  :x
  15. Tylerrnty1

    The .gif Thread

    This is awesome
  16. Tylerrnty1

    The Game Thread!

    OMERGURD https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qtYWqE55s24
  17. Tylerrnty1

    The Game Thread!

    That mini racing game.....is amazing.
  18. Tylerrnty1

    F1 2013 League Highlights

    This race was back in f1 2012, in AF1 (Australian F1 League) Now WRL (World Racing Leagues) This was season 1 of the ps3 leagues and I won a whopping 10 out of 20 races to win the championship. Unfortunately I did not record back then. This is personally my favourite victory at singapore, mixed conditions made it incredibly tough and I really wanted to win this one. There are a few clips of me in this video.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a8r3_txezRQ
  19. Tylerrnty1

    The .gif Thread

  20. Tylerrnty1

    The Game Thread!

    Yeah that would be fun Herby. :D
  21. Tylerrnty1

    What was your last purchase

    Just got some awesome headphones :D
  22. Tylerrnty1

    The .gif Thread

    Yeah lol. How'd you get that to work?
  23. Tylerrnty1

    The .gif Thread

    Still doesn't work for some reason. Nevermind ;)
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    The .gif Thread

    Someone really needs to teach me......:P
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    The .gif Thread