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  1. "Damn!"
    Disconnect from an online race while leading

    "I am going to need a bandage"
    Disconnect from a league racing while leading

    Win in GPmode with Seb

    "multi21 mate"
    Overtake your teammate in the closing stages of a race

    "More Sponsor money, please"
    Break your front wing while playing as Maldonado

    Overtake 7 or more cars on the first lap of an online race

    Overtake the leader on the final lap of a race!

    "We did it boys"
    Win the Drivers World Championship

  2. I do NOT understand why they are doing it there.....I mean, who the hell watches football there? And also, where is the football atmosphere? Oh wait, it's not bloody there! If you go to brazil, for example, it is filled, absolutely filled with football fans.....They just do it for the bloody money. 

  3. I wanted to make this thread so we can see everyone's youtube channels!!!!

    You can put in your Channel and also a few videos from your channel :D You can also give shout outs to other people :D

    My channel name is Tylerrnty1. I started back in November 2013, which isn't that long ago, and I have uploaded a few videos on different topics :D  I have 28 subscribers right now and have been stuck there for a while due to barely posting videos the past couple of months, so here is my latest video I uploaded yesterday :)



  4. This race was back in f1 2012, in AF1 (Australian F1 League) Now WRL (World Racing Leagues) This was season 1 of the ps3 leagues and I won a whopping 10 out of 20 races to win the championship. Unfortunately I did not record back then. This is personally my favourite victory at singapore, mixed conditions made it incredibly tough and I really wanted to win this one. There are a few clips of me in this video.