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  1. I was in the midst of the event race just now, around Lap 5, lost all sound, and then at lap 12, spun, and the game froze. Compensation if we can't rerun the race. I was leading at the time of the game crash.
  2. dvcjoncar

    No sound during qualifying

    This happened to me twice now, once in Q3 of career, and just now in the event race. After 5 laps of no sound, the game itself crashed. Now, I don't get ranked in the event as a result of this.
  3. dvcjoncar

    PS4 Trophies not unlocking [ZX]

    It's the same thing with First Among Rivals. I finished my first season, won the championship but didnt get the trophy.
  4. Thank You Codemasters for selecting me for the Beta this year. Fourth time is the charm for me.
  5. I signed up for the Beta on PS4, but with the ability to change PSN names, I changed mine. Would that affect my potential of being selected for the Beta?
  6. dvcjoncar


    When is this going to be available for preorder in Canada?