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  1. AlpakaWhacker

    F1® 2020 | BETA Week 3 Testing News

    Hello Barry, If I have a suggestion based on my experience in the beta (not bug report), where would the best place to post that? EDIT: Apologies, I have found the relevant forum to do so 🙂
  2. AlpakaWhacker

    Suggestion - 22 Car Multiplayer Races?

    I completely forgot about that
  3. AlpakaWhacker

    Suggestion - 22 Car Multiplayer Races?

    Yeh but if you're creating a lobby for yourself and friends, it would be nice to have the option. Plus if they're friends, my hope would be that they wouldn't be morons and carnage would just be the same as usual.
  4. AlpakaWhacker

    Suggestion - 22 Car Multiplayer Races?

    What you described is already a problem/issue that exists in F1 2019
  5. With the addition of the "My Team" Career mode in singleplayer, allowing you to become the 11th team on the grid and allowing 22 cars to be racing together... my question/suggestion is.... Could 22 player races be done in multiplayer? Obviously this wouldn't really be possible if your using the proper F1 teams (McLaren, Renault, Ferrari etc etc) but if you were to set up a multiplayer lobby with the Multiplayer Cars (assuming that that feature will be remaining in 2020), could this allow the lobby to reach 22 racers/players + 2 spectators instead of the standard 20 + 2 spectators? Because it's not as if it really matters when it comes to teams, you just get assigned a team mate for the purpose of sharing a pit garage for pit stops and with the 11 teams in the "My Team" Career mode, there will already, in theory, be 11 pit garages and 22 starting positions allocated to each track. This is more me wondering and just thinking out loud.
  6. AlpakaWhacker

    Good Day!

    Hello all, I'm Jamie or as I'm typically better known as online - AlpakaWhacker (or just Alpaka) and I'm from Scotland. Been playing racing games since about 1999 and have been really into codemasters F1 games since their first release back in 2010 (I know there was an F1 2009 but it was only available on Portable consoles at the time). Figured I should make an account on the forums and here I am. I also used to play a good deal of GRID games and DiRT 1+2. It's good to meet you all 🙂