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  1. 1. The two screenshots linked just show how broken my career mode is. After the new 1.07 update i believe the most recent one, all teams have been upgrading insanely and as you can see Williams have just basically broken the career mode from last at the end of the season too 8 races in fastest car by a long shot. Weber is already Over powered plus with a car looking like 2 seconds ahead of everyone its just constant wins. And just to add to it every weekend ive just about had a failure on a car update and with every team seeming like their bringing a huge update every race has left me bottom of the grid. Not sure if this is just an unfortunate event and down to luck, or something wrong in the code after the new update. (Season 1 was fine, with no insane upgrades for teams so its not a problem pre patch i assume). it really has ruined the game for me as i mostly play career mode and its not a game breaking glitch or bug for most but it just spoils the whole formula 1 vibe to it when you cant compete at a race and have fun and some what have it realistic. All i ask is for a developer to take a look at this, and see if it is a problem or if it will tale off at then end of a season and go back to normal. Love the F1 games but code master you really have to test the game or somehow limit bugs and issues like these, featured across the franchise. 2. Ai per race and qualifying is a mess, im constantly having to change ai each race from 103 to 102 to 100 to 105, its so annoying something that ruined projects cars 2 ai cant be balanced. Example just had a Austria weekend, started with 103 difficulty, 0.200 ahead of teammate in practice, to putting one of the best laps ive ever done around austria having me level with my teammate in qualifying then in the race left in last as ai was too fast. 3. little bugs, like where is the safety car, haven't seen it once in 2 season and the odd vsc, suzuka turn 1 ai cars flying off. Im all for ai making mistakes as it adds to the game but becomes stupid when its just one corner and every lap a car is going off. Sorry for the rant but its just how the game is, its a amazing game but career mode is all wrong. But guess ill have to wait another month for a patch which fixes the safety car which still wont work.
  2. ThePeeks

    Career mode is now broken!

    Renault, racing point, toro rosso, alfa romeo(me),mclaren all have had driver changes, only one that bugs me out of them is renault massively upgrading. Williams have had no driver change. Butler is still at toro rosso. its just the williams op which has ruined it, ill play a few more races and see if they level off a bit (hopefully).
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    Help needed - No assists

    Try change brake pressure and bias, i struggle sometimes on a pad without abs but usually putting the bias to the rear like 58-56 is usually good.
  4. ThePeeks

    AI Difficulty Settings, Track to Track

    Had same issue for 2018 All tracks 106 Baku, Monaco, Suzuka, Brasil, 104 Bahrain 103 and for some reason first season williams i could run 110 ai every race. 2019 103 most tracks baku, monaco, suzuka, brasil, bahrain, abu dhabi Dip up and down
  5. Ive seen on peoples career modes on youtube such as tiametmarduk that weber is too fast and hes stated that as well, in my career mode hes getting pole every race in a williams which is third best, and out qualifying his teammate by loads which is bringing a unrealistic vibe to my career mode and others. butler has a good AI speed so would appreciate if codies could possibly take a look at this. love to know if others are having this same issue.
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    Post Qualifying Engine Penalty Bug [R2]

    Not sure if anyone knows but ive dont it, i apply for a new part on each part of the engine after qualfying and i dont get a grid penalty for the race, pretty sure this is a glitch as i would be at the back of the grid yet i still start where i qualified. ive done this 3 times. Please look at this codies.