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  1. @Chadwick8505 nice yeah i do play Forza aswell. ok so instead of a stand etc. i could get something from Ikea like a desk perhaps and sort of tailor it to my liking :)
  2. @Recon1k thanks $40 let me convert that to GBP as im from the UK well thats worked out to be £23.86 :O thats a very good bargain, and u are lucky to have a rig if im honest
  3. @AyrtonSdS and @scottishwildcat again thanks for your suggestions, i really didnt think this post will get any response :D
  4. @scottishwildcat yeah i kno i dont have to have a wheel stand but personally i'd prefer it to a desk etc. because my tv isnt on a mount or anything like that for the perfect wheel setup, its raised on shelve wadrobe thingys from Ikea :P
  5. @AyrtonSdS cheers for ur suggestion! :) is there any wheel stands that could go on?
  6. @scottishwildcat cheers for the suggestion, yeah i don't particularly want a wheel thats gonna break or not work after a couple of months :P I will say i do like the Fanatec CSR wheel and pedal set (which is a very nice wheel but i know its very pricey and i would need a wheel stand with the package as i havent really got any room for a desk) and also @Tiametmarduk uses that wheel now which u can see in his 25k setup video he went from the MC2 wheel aswell
  7. ok cool, does it work with F1 2013 tho? and is this it http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Official-Genuine-Microsoft-Xbox-360-Force-Feedback-Wireless-Speed-Steering-Wheel-/191126779864?pt=UK_Controllers_Attachments&hash=item2c800b37d8 
  8. ok cheers for the suggestion, it does have flappy paddle shifters on this wheel right? they look so small :/
  9. Hi, i currently use no wheel at the moment but i would like to upgrade to a wheel but i'd like a decent wheel but also reasonably cheap and can still buy them.I was thinking of this wheel http://www.argos.co.uk/static/Product/partNumber/1283613.htm but i got told that f1 2013 doesnt support this wheel :( i do like this wheel but if it doesnt work with f1 2013 or any f1 games then i doubt i'll be getting it.Please help n give me some suggestions :)
  10. just did that thank god it works cheers Codies great help :)
  11. ok i'll try that but i have got xbox live gold now tho so yeah hayho just gonna try it now
  12. Hi I have encountered a issue since i no longer have xbox live gold anymore, basically on any game mode: career, grand prix etc. i cant seem to be able to change my fuel mix during practice, qualy and the race plus my tyres dont seem to be degredating or losing tyre life so i could do a 1 stop every race but i dont particularly want to do that because it takes away the feeling of earning positions competitively. I hope to get gold again soon anyway so hopefully it goes back to normal then. Has anyone else experienced this problem/issue whatever it is???
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