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  1. SwatDx

    GridAutosport PCSteam Evanco Racing

    Bump! Anyone Welcome To Join 
  2. SwatDx

    Club Question

    Can you actually have more than one club because when i go to the club section in game its a big list or is it for members in your club?
  3. SwatDx

    GridAutosport PCSteam Evanco Racing

    Bump! Anyone Is Welcome To Join. To Get A Basic Team Going Then Move Forward From There. 
  4. Hey Guys. New To This Site But Not New To Forums And Racing In General. Play All Sorts Of Racing Including NASCAR14 on steam, Forza 5 on xbox one and Gran Turismo as well.. I have made a new team on the racenet website and have made it an open entry for anyone looking forward to joining a Crew and i am open to anyone from anywhere as i am Australian. so please have a look havent played much as most my mates didnt bother getting the game cause it wasnt next-gen... anyway hope to see you guys join soon.