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  1. WHOAAAH damn cool if it works out as you say :D  I was too lazy trying to Figure out nice convergence settings ... 
  2. Well one can edit the Convergene... but just like in Grid 2 , not in the game itself.... You will have to go to My Games \ Grid Autsport \ and then somewhere there is a graphics config file,  then there are two properties to  find: convergence and seperation , you can fine tune them there, but as said ... not in the game itself ... so it will take some time to find the best settings , i tried porting my settings from grid 2 to grid autosport... did not work so well =(  
  3. My savegame got corrupted jusdt now , or damaged as it is called ... yeha 44 hours of gameplay gone , hopefully not forever... 
  4. The Patchnotes also got me hot for nothing.... ,  but well ... maybe with enough waiting , they will find a fix =) 
  5. My game got corrupted / damaged just now , 44 Hours of gameplay and Lvl 81 ... so yeah, pretty pissed 
  6. Hi Everyone, i am just slightly pissed. I raced and raced, and now after ~44 Hours and well lvl 80 , my Savegame got corrupted. How it happend: Played as normally, and then suddenly the game just quit itself. I wanted to race on as always, and he still recognized the file with all the races name - everything... Chose it and then .. BAM .. corrupted or damaged.... Is there a patch on the way for this? Or my we mail you our Savegames and you fix it personally?  Thanks 
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