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  1. Not available for me. I am on xbox in UX, own all the extra content but I am being asked to by this. Get your s*** together Codemasters. This has happened almost every time a DLC is released, and now its happening not only with Dirt Rally, it also is happening with Grid. Your process is broken, Get it fixed or start firing people. Pathetic. It finally showed up a day late. And when it installed, it sats Yrack 11 Name. not Lydden hill.
  2. ThisTo bad console players wont be getting a chance to play.  could be the single most disappointing announcement from Codemasters. No consoles? Early accaess? These are all incredibly bad signs. Early access is for small companies who need money to finish games. Codemasters is so bad off they need to resort to this approach? Not good. No consoles? Only if there is enough demand? How are you gonna judge the demand. Another huge sign codemasters has no money.  Giving up half your fan base by being PC only? Another sign Codemasters has no money to develop this game. I have bought ev
  3. The Michigan areas from dirt 3 are all inspired by areas in and around Houghton Michigan. The specific rally is the Lake Superior Performance Rally that is part of the Rally America schedule.
  4. The track and car combos all seem the same to me. And everyone is locking up. @Loore - This needs to be looked into immediately.
  5. Just got number 7 amd every one in the room i was in said it is happening to them as well.
  6. I have frozen 6 times today. Looks liks a problem created by the patch. Anyone else???
  7. It is a point to point race, basically a time attack so there are no lap times. Also there is no qualifying. The rules also state that first place receives 25 points and no mention of bonus points. I also found out it does the same thing in some of the other championships and it seems random.
  8. @Loore‌  When I am running the formula x sprint pack extra championship, if I finish first I receive 25 points, if Rick Scott wins he receives 26 points. When the 4 races are done, I won twicw, finished second twice and Rick Scott won twice and finished second twice, yet  he won the championship by 2 points. It should end up tied. This should be fixed.
  9. the cars are available in the car selection screen before a race, Your owned car will be available along with the loaner cars.
  10. Damn, Lets try that again: Loore said:Thought it easier to create a new thread on this :)Update on the console patches 14/08/14 Microsoft found an issue late last night which resulted in corrupt saves (different method, same outcome). As such we've had to pull the patches or we'd be back at square one, we would have fixed one thing only for another to take its place. Despite the PlayStation patch passing we've also pulled it from submission due to the bug also being present in it. We are currently in the process of creating a fix for this issue and the patches will once again go back into
  11. here is your proof: http://forums.codemasters.com/discussion/3085/corrupt-save-file-console-patches/p1
  12. Season Pass? I wish I could get one of those. Unfortunately it is not offered to xbox players.
  13. Season Pass? I wish I could get one of those. Unfortunately it is not offered to xbox players.
  14. @Loore   Is there any way to ask for a refund on this game. I was sold a product that doesn't work and with this latest announcement. it would appear you are unable to fix it. I would really like to return this for a full refund. Is that possible in the US?
  15. OK. no more math. I just wish they would put a fix in to stop that from happening.and get the payouts working correctly.
  16. This sentence is wise ass and sarcastic. The math you just did is partly correct. Using your hypothetical, the chance that a challenge would be repeated is 1 in 45.  You wouldn't multiply 45*45  for the next week because you already know this weeks challenges. You stated the odds for a challenge being repeated in the next two weeks. Finally, I don't read all the threads on here, so I had not seen it. With Codemasters, if you don't bring it up repeatedly, they will ignore it. The sarcasm was pointed out in this comment mostly for Photonik.
  17. Gee thanks for the sarcasm. That was helpful. Idiot. And if they are randomly generated, their randow generator is horribly designed, because there are two different variables, class and track, with multiple choices from each. Which, given the math that you probably don't understand because you spent your whole life honing that razor-sharp wit, the chances of picking the very same class on the very same track is incredibly low. Plus, it would be very simple to build in a check to make sure the challenge is repeated. Besides, the point of the comment wasn't even about the repeated track, it was
  18. Just an update. None of the challenges are paying for medals.
  19. @Loore‌  The tuner challenge that just came out is a repeat from last week and it is not paying for medals. I think it is not paying for medals because it thinks I already have the platinum from last week. Could some one at CM please looke into this? Also, why do the vehicle rewards for a racenet challenge always start at level 1 and not where the car is levelled at? Is this one of the issues causing the tuning upgrades to multiply?
  20. Just a follow up, i just got 5500 for the lancia delta cup challenge platinum medal and my car only leveled up from 1 to 4. This game is enough of a grind to mae money to buy cars and garage slots and now it would seem the challenges are paying out less. Or at least some of them, because the tuner event paid out 28,00o.
  21. why am I only getting 8,000 dollars for a Platinum medal in this weeks challenges?
  22. where should i save my file until it gets fixed, so i can still play and the saved corrupted file doesn't get overwritten?
  23. They did. On that race, they stopped people from using the short cut, but in the process they screwed up the lap counting on the other track.
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