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  1. 1. When losing the connection/disconneting during the Formation Lap and rejoining during it, the tyres for the F2 cars are set to absolute zero when the race starts. (Yet they still achieve more grip than the SF1000) 2. PC 3. 1.10 4. Unranked - Multiplayer - F2 2019 (One-Shot Qualifying, Formation Lap On, 50% Feature & Sprint Race) 5. Wired 6. 15 (13 Drivers and 2 spectators) 7. No (RichyB was, but has a strong & stable connection) 8. Just me, everything normal for them. 9. Yeah, happens every time. 10. By disconnecting during the Formation Lap and rejoining during it. 11. TPDV-EETK-DEEG-MVMG (Code from the session) 12. YT Link (Unlisted) (This was the Feature Race)
  2. Flash224

    F1 2020 release time

    It should be available tomorrow at 7pm CEST together with Steam's daily "update". F1 2019 released at the same time for early access last year on the 24th.
  3. Flash224

    Cool down laps for F1 2020

    I would drive it pretty much every time when I'd have done a 50% race/league race and it would be a really good addition compared to... ehem Multiplayer Liveries which no one uses, because we can't make our own even on F1 2020. And tbh, It should be in the game after 10 years already at this point, just for the sake of realism (they don't even have to make it so that you need enough fuel and have to pick up leftover rubber from the straights). I mean, it just feels off putting not being able to continue after crossing the finish line and I don't think it would be that hard to implement now, would it?
  4. Flash224

    Are multiplayer equal cars actually equal?

    You can change the audio of the engines in the files though.
  5. Flash224

    Weekly Event China GP - weird start

    It's a random lobby bug that can occur due to the games still being peer-to-peer and not having dedicated servers. While I don't have the experience that often anymore that others are already driving around when I'm still stationary on the grid, at least 1 out of a dozen races has 19 drivers waiting for minutes, because one guy has a scrappy connection and doesn't want to leave thus making others leave by Alt+F4. Again, nothing new sadly. Been here with us since F1 2010.
  6. Flash224

    Forum Championship & Unranked Lobbies.

    It helps to know which ones of the C1-C5 tyres they use at a race weekend and compare them with this: From 2018 to 2019/2020 F1 tyres -> "They made the hard (light blue) one step softer (C1), they made the medium (white) a bit softer (C2), the C3 is is equivalent to the soft (yellow), the C4 is somewhere between the super soft (red) and Ultra Soft (purple), and the C5 (pink) is equivalent to the hypersoft but with better mechanical stability to prevent graining." That should help a bit.
  7. Flash224

    Attendance Rating

    You can though it's a bit of a misuse from the leagues system. 1. Create multiple leagues with Japan Short as the first race (the other 4 don't matter). Set it to no Qualy and a 5 Lap Race. 2. Keep the progression format on Scheduled and time the next race for at least +5 minutes. e.g. create leagues at 3.33pm on april 17th, first race starts at 3.40pm april 17th 3. Start the race session in the individual leagues and wait for the timer to run down. Session starts and you can just DNF to make it quicker if you want, otherwise drive the race if you care about stats. (Reason it being Japan Short) 4. Retire from the league you just drove in and pick the next one you set up earlier (Don't worry if you don't make it on time into a league, the session won't be skipped and thus affect your attendance rating as long as you join within 30 minutes) to continue. It takes 5 race attendances to level up once, so 20 races in total to get from D to S rank.
  8. Flash224

    Codemasters, enough is enough...

    Well this time it definitely wasn't his PC's fault though. He and Esteban both got kicked out of the session, because the race session in this build was probably for whatever reason only allowed to have 20 players in it (18 drivers + 2 spectators) instead of 22. Could have been just the DSC bug that can occur, but seeing that it happened to Esteban as well and not just Lando should be telling a lot about the state of these games in terms of stability. It's good when it runs, but stuff like this just make the claim "Esports-Ready" unacceptable.
  9. Flash224

    Forum Championship & Unranked Lobbies.

    Would take an Alfa for the next race, otherwise any car ^^ https://steamcommunity.com/id/Flash-224/ Usern.: Flash-224
  10. Flash224

    Codemasters Confirmed- ALL 22 tracks

    About 22 hours late, m8.
  11. Flash224

    One Less Set of Tyres on Race

    The extra tyre set that is given to you for reaching Q3 will be returned. So if you only want to make one run in Q3 (after your Q1 & Q2) to have an extra soft + medium in the race you need to use the 5th tyre set when selecting the tires (not the 3rd one). It's also shown as recommended for Q3 given that it's a free set of tires only meant for that session.