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  1. tdb8138

    New tracks on the way

    No Le Mans or Nûrburgring? I'm sad.
  2. I perform way better with the Agera and Veyron. Zonda is far slower in my opinion.
  3. tdb8138

    What's your favorite track?

    Love it too... DLC maybe?
  4. What is your favorite racetrack(s) in GRID Autosport?
  5. tdb8138

    What Camera View Do You Use?

    Chase, altough I also use the cockpit view, espicially the zoomed one, a lot.
  6. tdb8138

    What is your favorite car?

    Very nice choice here! Viper is great looking but I've never managed to get great times with it. Agera R is my favorite car in real life, but not the best for handling in-game (still great around a track tho), so... I don't know what car to choose yet.
  7. What is your favorite car in GRID Autosport? ( handling/speed/design)
  8. Yeah, sometimes seems as if it lighter than the Agera!
  9. I feel like Touring is the best, but I really like all of them : - Touring is the most exiting, as you never know who won until the line is crossed and there are lots of passes.- Endurance learns you how to drive with tires getting worst throughout the race.- Open Wheel takes the skill to avoid any contact, as it will put you out of the race.- Tuner has the most variety in the races, ranging from muscle cars to drifting.- Street has this special feeling of driving in tight streets, and that also takes a lot of skill.
  10. tdb8138

    GRiD Autosport

    Because you want the SLS? You'll just have to wait for the DLCs, same thing happened with GRID 2.
  11. So I've started a discussion a few days ago about the Agera and Veyron, how I think their specs and in-game performance should be. For what I've seen in my tests, it goes like this:Veyron is faster up to 150 km/h (93 mph). Then the Agera is faster up to 370 km/h (230 mph). I've managed to get 377 km/h (234 mph) with the Agera, and 381 km/h (237 mph) with the Veyron - tested on Autosport Raceway. Agera's seventh gear is at 340 km/h (211 mph) and Veyron's is at 350 km/h (217 mph). Max RPM is 8 000 for the Koenigsegg and 7 000 for the Bugatti. It seems as if the Veyron has higher top speed - as suggests the specs. What I think is unrealistic here is the fact that the Bugatti is faster from 370 km/h and onwards, while we now know, thanks to tests on the Nürburgring, that the Agera accelerates better at high speed - Agera R did 402 km/h on the straight, Veyron SS "only" did 378 km/h. Top speed of the Agera should also, still in my opinion of course, be buffed a little. While I'm at it, I think the Veyron feels maybe a little too light in the corners. I've seen a few people complaining about this, thinking it needs as small patch, and so do I. So what do you think about that? Thanks for reading.
  12. Wasn't too sure of what to put here, but now that I think about it, yes, there are maybe a little too many, but having some is good.
  13. tdb8138

    GRID AUTOSPORT REVIEW // Vote in your score!

    95% ! As a Codemasters fan, I really love it, and find it maybe better than the first GRID. This excellent game should have been what GRID 2 was not (even tho GRID 2 was not that bad). Except for minor details, it is awesome! Hope the DLCs will be coming soon, and that Codies will listen to the community to choose the different elements of the DLCs. Great job Codemasters! :D
  14. tdb8138

    Grid Autosport - Agera R

    Yeah, the P1 also has bad stats compared to what it actually does in the game, same problem with the Agera.
  15. tdb8138

    Grid Autosport - Agera R

    I've been spending a lot of time testing the two hypercars and on each of my tests, the Agera wins it - reached speed. So why do the specs in-game say the Veyron is much faster? That's really weird...