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  1. i really hope a more 'official looking' F1 hud/ tach-speedometer' will happen with f1 2015
  2. no prob..... Buy Project cars this year ... Buy F12015 in July/ august next year :) We all know Codie's (coming soon and early) = add two months to what you think it is lol We a
  3. I understand, just LOVE F1! Just think if american football fans had to wait to the end of the season for Madden football? haha
  4. You and me both m8! Me too. Every year since the beginning theres so many excuses! Heck only d.l. in USA last year. This year absolutely NOTHING.... pics? videos? Any posts from the big guys? Just more excuses. Project cars can't get here any quicker!
  5. Better replay system.... better replay system.... better replay system!
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