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  1. Codemasters hit the nail on the head with GAS. This game is perfect without all the problems from startup. Great mix of sim but still lax enough to include newcomers. Personally I hope they keep the same format, add a few cars and tracks. I liked the suggestion of different weather conditions. Sure would be better than the nightime tracks youve only raced occasionaly. That throws me off every time. All I ask as a gamer, and im sure there are many who would agree... PLEASE work out the bugs before release date. I have an xbox 1 now but still come back to the 360 just to play GAS.. CM please use
  2. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD MAN!!! Can i just play this game???? 6 months of issues with GAS and the game finally fixed. Now XBOX live is crashed in the U.S.A.  Starting to think there are some hackers getting ready to launch a new gaming system! Joking of course but dont forget I was the first to say it.  :wink: 
  3. Just got the patch this evening.... no freezing with about 2 1/2 hrs racing. Lobbies are still somewhat empty but noticed they build after awhile in touring car. Everything else was dead. Hopefully the racers come back.
  4. @Loore "about a week" for it to be submitted or for xbox to approve? I was under the impression you were about to submit it to xbox yesterday from your earlier message.
  5. Plain and simple... I dont game much, my son got me interested in grid 2 after he downloaded the free demo and he and I played it for hours together. He got tired of it eventually but I continued on and bought my own xbox so we didnt have to share his. BUT... out of the thousands of $'s ive spent on his games (he has an entire bookshelf full for the 360 plus what is on his drive) this is the ONLY game that we have had an issue with... freezing, corrupt saves, and the preferable non functional racer flag colors. If the people that make that god awfull game minecraft can can get it right for $10
  6. Fix the freeze issue!!!! Then we may give a hoot what racenet challenge we are doing! Racenet challenge is just a distraction when I get ticked off about freezing in the online lobby and still feel like playing... This is one of the best racing games out there, just fix the damned thing!
  7. It sure seems like CM is waiting for xmas more than my kids... so all of us get rid of these "old consoles"..... guess what, when we buy our new ones we will remember this!!!
  8. Dont forget the last patch... once its submitted xbox has to approve it. Dont hold your breath for next week release but good to hear possible progress is being made.
  9. On the bright side.... those that wanted random starting order, you got it. LOL!! From one race to the next you dont know if you will be in the lobby or not :smiley: 
  10. Didnt say I was happy about any of it. What I got from his post was that CM had a fix and tested it before releasing it. Something was wrong so they are "pouring through code" before releasing another broken patch. To me thats a good thing since I have been playing a good but broken game since day 1. IWhen the next fix comes out I would rather it be the last and finally done right. Im far from being a fan of the corrupt saves and freezing but I do like the game... obviously you do as well or you wouldnt bother here or with online play. 
  11. @Loore thank you for the detailed description... glad to hear its being worked on and another potential problem was found before release. Hopefully this will be done soon but I for one am glad it will be fixed right finally. 
  12. You should have read the entire article.... there is a comment section at the end. One guy hit the nail on the head! 
  13. @Loore please provide an update! 
  14. Happy to see the PC patch list was released today so they can have mirrors.... can you work on a playable version for the xbox now CM?!
  15. I remember the happy days when the only problem we had was waiting a few races to see who the dirty crashers were.... ahhh memories. I still dont know why this patch wasnt dumped and the last patch reinstated after the freezing issue was discovered???? I would think the last patch would be on file somewhere.
  16. Is it the xbox or the server dedicated to xbox GAS? We have heard its a memory issue but not where the memory source falls.
  17. Too funny RTA!! Lmbo! I can hear the music lookin at that pic.
  18. Really Loore? Your reply to the devoted GAS racers that still play this game is "sorry your console is old"!?!? If i recall... my xbox was "old" when CM wrote the code for this game. You would think that it would have been easier to write codes for consoles you had been dealing with for years. Seems to me your reply was more of a "sorry about your luck but wait till you see what we have coming on next gen... go buy one!!" I have raced this game almost every day since it came out. Ive dealt with the resets, annoying ! Color issues and now freezing, still I played almost every day... sorry that
  19. Froze 4 times tonight... guess ive just been lucky last couple days, never changed settings at all except for tc... 
  20. Thanks.. I kinda look like Clyde so it fits. :) played earlier today, same deal. Froze 1st race when joining the open lobby after 4-5 racenet races... played for about an hour, was gonna watch some football so I just started changing car settings to see what happened. Froze 2 races later... 
  21. That was just my experience RTA... same last night. Played racenet challenge for 1/2 hr no problems, froze 1st lobby I joined right away. Played 1 1/2hrs  after that with no freeze. Saw many others freeze but I was just lucky I guess. Im in no way saying its fixed or even close, I was just asking Loore a question and sharing something that may help other racers. Not changing my car settings in lobby seems to cause less freezes for me... 
  22. @Loore, is this fix coming in another patch or is this an internal fix? Ive noticed much less freezing the last couple days for myself. Only 1 or 2 times in 2-3 hrs. That being said I have noticed other drivers freezing multiple times in the same room. It may not have anything to do with it but I have quit adjusting my car settings between races. Just repair n race.
  23. Touring is also coming up a lot because that is the only active open lobby room any more. We used to be able to find lobbys in all classes when the game came out. Then the corrupt save issue... could then find street, touring and the ocassional open wheel. Now this issue, touring is usually full for a few races until everyone freezes then about half the people rejoin until we all freeze again until it finally kills the entire open lobby. Most of the fun of this game once you get your cars upgraded is chasing the point leaders in front. This glitch has pretty much killed that.
  24. @Fluke... couldnt agree more! @Anyone at codemasters that can fix this... xbox rooms are dying, only open lobby that has players is touring. I am a complete fan of this game and even I am getting extremely frustrated, i would rather race all night with a false ! Color Than get locked up 5-6 times in a few hours. Dump this patch!!
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