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  1. No thanks... im a mediocre racer at best and I dont think it would be fair to place me out front where I would impede better racers. I also like the challenge of working my way towards the top of a room where i can try to follow the race lines and braking points of the pros of this game and get a little better myself. As for the crashers they eventually get kicked. Leave it the way it is so that people who are trying to get better can learn from the people out front.
  2. Finally gone "white" after many many clean races but also just joined a club and finished my 1st custom lobby last night. Not sure if it has been fixed or just a different playing field changed things. Will try open lobbies tonight and see what happens.
  3. Was not the host. I have raced many different open lobby rooms and still no color changes either way even when I have braked too late or taken a bad line and caused a crash... still green. Rooms are getting messy with crashers starting to realize they dont get flagged for it. 
  4. Patch is working good so far. The only thing I have noticed is peoples "clean/dirty" color isnt changing. Ive raced 20+ clean races since the patch and havent gone from green to white. There was a player in the room last night crashing EVERYONE for 5 races before he got kicked and his status was white. PLEASE FIX THIS BEFORE ALL THE CRASHERS REALIZE THEY ARENT BEING FLAGGED DIRTY.
  5. Guess i should read back before i post.... :) cant wait to get home amd restore my corrupt file!!!
  6. Anyone reading this thread for actual hints to the corrupt save reason or is this just a room to complain? Im sure someone in programing knows what is causing the corrupt files but I just wanted to share my personal experience yesterday. I owned 15 cars, all touring and open wheel. Did the touring challenge with my owned ute and it progressed from lvl 29 to lvl 30. I bought the brake upgrade and then went to online racing. The first time the ute came up in the lobby we all got stuck with it for 4 races in a row. We all left the lobby suspecting something was wrong. I turned off and restarted m
  7. After being reset 3 times with about 600 races gone I can completely understand all the frustration. That being said.... this is a damned fun game! Cant wait for the patch so I dont have to make multiple backups of my current saves. Just a suggestion to CM, perhaps make a way that players can give there e-mail address so that you can send a  message once this is all fixed. Could result in scorned players returning.
  8. Ughh!!! Just got #2... 121 races in first one and restarted profile. Thought everything was fixed cuz 224 races in to profile #2 no problems! Fix this please!! Great game but cmon!! CM you have fans but you are screwing us royally!!!!!!
  9. Just an idea but... why not merge online rooms? Example, 6 drivers in one room 7 in another, one of the 7 quit, merge rooms = 12 drivers in one lobby. More fun, more xp, people play longer = more people buy grid = codemasters makes more money. 
  10. Possible bug found. Ive gotten to lvl 52 with my f312 dallara but still have to rebuy half the tuning upgrades every day when I start again. All the vehichle uprades are still there but only half the tuning. Didnt happen until I hit lvl 50. 
  11. Also was a few days after I unlocked full tune on all my open wheel cars. Which I dont know if this is the way the game was designed but once you open unlocks for one class of cars you can apply it to any car in that class. Example: using last weeks weekly challenge I unlocked everything for the loore, could apply to all open wheel cars I owned.
  12. Dont know if it had anything to do with my corrupt but I was #1 american in open wheel class by about 50,000 xp one day. Checked my stats that day when I was at work and got passed by 100,000 xp+ by someone who wasnt even in the top 10 the day before. Got home ready to try to catch up and save was corrupt. Ive reset and started over but the game has lost a little entertainment value driving loaners again. Wont mention any names cuz racer might just be that good.... just what happened to me
  13. Would be nice to have an idea when this might be fixed for xbox360? CM did a great job of designing this game from top to bottom and the cars handle about as real as it gets. VERY dissapointed that this problem carried over. Its the only reason I kept my 360 instead of going next gen. I even bought an extra 360 so my son and I wouldnt have to share just for this game! $400 to get locked out 14hrs into gameplay?
  14. Or.... the game could work like it should? Who would expect something like that?!
  15. Not an all day racer but I play a couple hours a night... got reset 3 times on grid 2 eand figured the new game would be clear of this issue. Then I turned on my xbox today. CMON!!! WAS #1 american in open wheel and now I get to wait on a patch for a few days for file corrupt? Im not even gonna call myself good at this game but would be nice if what I did actually counts for something. CM got me interested in racing games but I can honestly say "fix it or I will never buy a CM game again"!!3
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