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  1. I tried updating my wheel drivers again, and problem solved. Thanks to @cearp8858
  2. I have the wheel connected to the front USB3 port of my case, which is connected to a USB3 header on the motherboard. I have tried it in both USB3 and USB2 ports, same result.
  3. F33i contains AGESA ComboV2 which has the USB2 fix backported from AGESA ComboV2 I see no reason to update my BIOS when my PC is running fine, and FFB is working fine in every other title.
  4. T500 no FFB at all. Report Code N/A Windows 10 21H1 Steam Aorus Master X570 Motherboard, Ryzen 9 5900X RTX 3090 Time Trial Altered all settings in game, disconnected and reconnected wheel. Tried previous game, which works flawlessly. DxDiag.txt
  5. T500RS FFB is not working at all in game. Works fine in F1 2020. I have tried different settings in game, and the wheel control panel.
  6. According to that article the Birmingham Studio is unaffected. They are responsible for the F1 games.
  7. Bad analogy there mate. People would blame the bus company for poor maintenance.
  8. The strange FFB in Austria and Malaysia is not G27 specific. I have the same problem with a T500RS.
  9. It's not lack of skill, it is lack of numbers.
  10. My PC is over 3 years old and urinates all over a PS4.
  11. It is not laziness, it cost effectiveness. They have to pay the guy that does the engineer. If they can re-use what they already have, they will to save money.
  12. F1 2015 will be using the new engine. This is still using Ego 3.
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