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  1. ReVengeance

    announcement date?

    According to that article the Birmingham Studio is unaffected. They are responsible for the F1 games.
  2. ReVengeance

    New structure at CM ?

    Bad analogy there mate. People would blame the bus company for poor maintenance.
  3. ReVengeance

    F1 2014 G27 Force Feedback Problem

    I had similar issues around Sochi last night.
  4. ReVengeance

    F1 2014 G27 Force Feedback Problem

    The strange FFB in Austria and Malaysia is not G27 specific. I have the same problem with a T500RS.
  5. Same issue with a T500RS.
  6. ReVengeance

    Sector time turns blue?

    Do you mean purple?
  7. ReVengeance

    Patch confirmation?

    It's not lack of skill, it is lack of numbers.
  8. ReVengeance

    Eurogamer review OUCH

    My PC is over 3 years old and urinates all over a PS4.
  9. It is not laziness, it cost effectiveness. They have to pay the guy that does the engineer. If they can re-use what they already have, they will to save money.
  10. ReVengeance

    A Step Forward

    F1 2015 will be using the new engine. This is still using Ego 3.
  11. ReVengeance

    A Step Forward

    That was referring to playing on a pad. Go and watch TeamVVV on youtube!
  12. ReVengeance

    F1 2014 Japanese Grand Prix

    BBC are reporting that Jules Bianchi is out of surgery, and breathing on his own.
  13. ReVengeance

    New F1 2014 Trailer

  14. ReVengeance


    Where did they promise that? I've rarely seen Codemasters promise anything on here, let alone in relation to something they probably had finished and signed off by FOM weeks ago. Okay promised was probably the wrong word to use. Hatta did say about it in response to people asking for it. They did it last year and the year before that, so it is ringing alarm bells here. I think I'll wait for the 2015 incarnation.